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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Update - 11th Month of the Bing Shen Fire Monkey Year

7th December 2016 - 5th January 2017

In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.



This month, the stars combine to form a sum-often creating energies that are powerful and auspicious yet volatile and unstable at the same time. It is alright to be ambitious - just be more careful not to be so aggressive that you put people off. Health-wise, you are advised to keep early nights and avoid overwork. Stress and fatigue will be detrimental to your health, and will be very likely to affect your tongue & liver. It is best not to activate the stars, or your might inadvertently upset the delicate balance of energies in this sector.

It will be an unfortunate month, as the five yellow star brings illness and misfortune to the family. Use 5 Element Pagoda and a Golden Wu Lou to control the bad Chi and bring the luck of vitality. While some might have niggling health concerns; others could find themselves being financially inconvenienced. Anxiety will lead to fights and arguments as well. This could result in mental stress or emotional trauma. Display an image of Chung Kwai for protection. The family will benefit from heaven luck but it could be a tiring time for some.

The robbery and violent star flies into this sector bringing high possibility of armed robbery. Be extra careful with household security if your main entrance is located here. Keep the violent chi under control with an active water feature. Young ladies are advised to carry the Anti-Burglary Amulet for protection against harm. Keep money and jewellery in the safe. You are likely to lose money from competitions in the next few weeks. Position a pair of Fu Dogs flanking your entrance for added protection. Enhance money luck with a wealth ship.


EAST (9/8) CENTRE (2/1) WEST (4/3)

Even better luck this month, as auspicious stars bring prosperity luck as well as good news and many happy events, creating more reasons for celebration. Enhance Golden Mongoose with Jewel and Wish Fulfilling Cow. Young people will have an enjoyable time at social gatherings. Business and money luck will be excellent, but guard against clashes with your elders. Display a Blue Vase with Double Fishes and fill it up with faux diamonds, quartz crystals, gold ingots, and coins. Enjoy the good fortune this month!

Fortunes improve with new prospects to advance in your work. Display a Dragon Tortoise and Victory Flag to boost career luck. Health luck is not good so be very careful on the road. Place a Wu Lou in your car. Watch your diet and try to avoid unhealthy habits. Display a Bejeweled Garuda to protect against ill health and accidents. Pregnant women are advised to avoid this area as it poses danger to the abdominal area. Spousal conflict causes much sorrow. Display the Action Mantra in this sector to bring good luck.

The monthly star of conflict creates tension and the possibility of a romantic scandal causing heartache. The excess of wood energy brings about server emotional stress caused by aggression and relationship problems. Use a bright light or a red ornament to control the problematic Chi. However, lingering good Chi from literary star helps to bring success in academic and literary ventures. Display a Bejeweled Luohan for Scholastic Briliance on your desk for examination luck, as the energies are excellent for studies and writing as well as artistic creativity.




Fortunes will take a turn for the better as the unlucky monthly star leaves. Overall luck improves in the areas of social and literary luck. Enhance the energies with a leafy green plant or some purple/blue flowers. It will be wiser not to disturb this area with excessive activity. Writers and students will find this month much better in terms of productivity and opportunities to excel. Likewise, money luck will improve as well. Remedy this using the image of Water and Mountain to overcome bad Chi.

The stars favour progressive go-getters, so you should make your move early and topple the competition. Display an image of Kuan Kung to provide support from influential elders or a Polaris Star enhancer to activate heaven star 6. However, the excess of metal Chi here also indicates the possibility of violence and conflict, so keep knives and ice picks away from this area. Health luck takes a dip and so bewares of accidents. As a remedy, display a Yin Water Cure in this sector.

The illness-bearing star joins the star of conflict so the clashing of Chi will be likely to wreck havoc in your relationships, whether personal or professional. Remedy with crystal lights or natural crystals. Marriages and close relationships will suffer from tension and stress caused by the Chi of conflict. Wear or display the Double Happiness Symbol. It will also be a rough and bumpy ride for those of you who are involved in politics. Capture the bad stars with a yin water cure or use a Relaxing Gold Laughing Buddha.

Note: Do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.