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Flying Star Feng Shui

5 Major Flying Star Feng Shui Mistakes That Can Totally Destroy Your Luck!

Flying Star is one of the most POWERFUL compass formulas of feng shui and also one of the EASIEST methods to practise! Its potency comes from the fact that it takes into account the very vital TIME DIMENSION and reveals how the flight patterns of CHI affect the feng shui of a dwelling over time! Yet despite how easy it is to use, many practitioners still make gross errors in applying it to their homes, and as a result, cause calamity and bad luck to befall them! In this issue, we highlight some of the common mistakes made and how to get it RIGHT!

Flying star feng shui gives us the blueprint to track the movement of CHI over time and to determine how the quality of chi in all the 9 sectors change over 20-year cycles as well as annually, monthly and daily. When applied correctly in any home, the results can be felt almost instantly like magic! Likewise, when you get it wrong, things can go very badly and very quickly for those living in the home. So one way of knowing whether you got it right is to monitor your own luck. If you have recently applied Flying Star feng shui to your home and experienced really negative results, you can almost be sure that somewhere in your analysis, you have made a mistake.

So here are some of the common boo-boos that we have come across while consulting for students and clients! To those of you reading this, please note that this article will only make sense to you if you have some background in feng shui training or have read books about Flying Star feng shui! If you are completely new to this formula, then I advise you to first read Lillian Too’s Flying Star Feng Shui before delving into this article!

Under Flying Star, we know that we are now living in the cyclic time Period of EIGHT, which began 4th February 2004 and will last for twenty years up till 3rd February 2024. In the period of eight, there are 16 possible Flying Star charts that can apply to any home. It is not necessary to know how the charts are derived, as all the Period Eight charts are easily available in all Lillian Too’s books that cover the Flying Star formula. All 16 charts are also published each year in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary, which includes a friendly table of all the wealth spots of each house based on all sixteen charts!

But what is most important here is that the CHART you use should match the FACING DIRECTION of your home, which is not necessarily the direction or location of your main door! And here is where some can get it very wrong! Let’s look at the example of this house here in this article. Clearly, there is a main door located in the West corner of the house, and at the same time, there are other entries into the home via the sliding doors into the living dining and family rooms.

A common mistake made by the amateur practitioner is to select the Flying Star chart that matches the LOCATION of the main door. This is incorrect! The chart you choose should match the direction of your HOUSE, not the location of the door!

In this example, note that although the main door is in the WEST sector of the house, the chart that applies to this home is the SOUTHWEST-1 chart, not the West Chart, because when we analyse the source of greatest CHI for the house, we can see that the Main Road is the direction of greatest chi! Thus the house is facing Southwest 1 when a compass reading is taken at the location marked X. Hence the chart for this house is Southwest-1, and not West!

KEY POINT TO NOTE: When selecting the correct Flying Star chart to use, make sure you select the chart that matches the facing direction of the HOUSE, and not the location of your main entrance door.
Recently a family friend came to us for some feng shui advice, claiming that since activating her feng shui using the Flying Star formula in her home several years back, her business has gone downhill and the debt she has amassed has depleted all her savings! When we checked her home and saw how she had plotted the Flying Stars onto her house plans, we could instantly see what had gone wrong!

Her mistake was that she “turned the Flying Star chart” to align the facing palace of the chart to wherever her MAIN DOOR was located! She did this for BOTH her house as well as her retail business, and in doing so, she ended up plotting all the stars into the wrong sectors… and placing all her cures and enhancers in all the wrong places!

Again, let’s use this example to illustrate this very fine point. We have already ascertained that the chart for this house is Southwest 1, and so when we superimpose the Southwest 1 chart onto the house, we would naturally plot the Southwest stars 558 into the Southwest sector of the house, the South stars 731 into the South sector and so on. However, this friend of ours had turned the chart to position the facing palace of the chart, where her main door was located. See the plan for how the stars were plotted wrongly based on her mistake!

KEY POINT TO NOTE: When plotting the stars into your house, you must super impose the stars of the Flying Star chart onto your plan in accordance with the facing direction of the house, and not where the main door is located. The best scenario is of course to ensure that your main door is located in the same sector of the facing palace in the chart – especially in the period of 8, as many of the auspicious Flying Stars are located in the facing palace!
Many people are still living in houses that were built in Period of 7 (between 1984-2004) or Period of 6 (between 1964-1984) and want to know whether they should analyse the feng shui of their house based on Flying Star charts during those periods. Technically speaking, it would be correct to use charts from previous periods, but in our experience, we have found it quite pointless and in some cases VERY DANGEROUS to energize any of the Flying Stars in previous periods!

The reality is this: old houses that have not been “upgraded” to period of 8 simply cannot enjoy good fortune in this period, as all the stars from the previous periods have lost their lustre and vitality, and some stars like the #3 or #7 have even turned seriously negative! Energizing these stars will bring disastrous results for the household!

Those living in Period of 7 houses are especially vulnerable to energies that have turned dangerous in Period of 8. The number 7 star was very positive and vibrant in the Period of 7, and if you had lived in a bedroom or enjoyed an entrance with the #7 water or mountain star during the Period of 7, your prosperity luck or relationships would have been very good!

But in the Period of 8, the #7 star turns violent and hostile, bringing with it burglary, betrayal and bloodshed! Thus it’s not surprising that many American baby boomers who became millionaires in the 80s and 90s living in new Period 7 houses then have now begun to experience a big reversal of fortune – in their state of wealth as well as their relationships and health - since entering into the Period of 8 (which began Feb 4th, 2004). This is because the energies of Period 7 houses have waned and turned negative in this period.

KEY POINT TO NOTE: If you are living in a Period of 6 or 7 house, it is absolutely vital to upgrade the energy of your house into Period of 8. To do this, you should carry out extensive refurbishment in your home – even changing the roof, the floor and giving the whole house a new lick of paint! While you are making these major renovations to your house, it is advisable not to live there!
The very essence of Flying Star feng shui is that it teaches us to be constantly aware of how the cyclic changes of time alters the quality of chi in our physical environment! A true practitioner of Flying Star knows how essential it is to check the feng shui of the home every month and every year… and this is why Lillian Too stands up on stage for 5 straight hours during her Extravaganzas to update all her fans and students on all the Flying Star changes that will affect the world!

Annual and monthly Flying Stars MUST NEVER be ignored – in fact, it is these stars that have the strongest impact on our lives at any given time! For example, when the #5 Yellow flies into your entrance, your bedroom or your astrological palace during that year, you can be sure that you will suffer its ill-effects for the year unless you take corrective measures to subdue the strength of the #5 star!

If you are living in a room where the Flying Stars already have the #5 water or mountain star, then whenever the annual #5 or monthly #5 visits your room, it compounds in strength and can trigger serious misfortune and losses!

KEY POINT TO NOTE: It is vital that you keep track of the annual and monthly stars and take corrective measures accordingly to enhance the good stars or weaken the bad stars. Make the time and effort to attend Lillian Too’s Annual Extravaganzas as this is when she will reveals how the new Flying Star charts affect, the energies of the home and each astrological animal sign. Monthly Flying Star updates are posted on in for free, and published in the back pages of this magazine!
Finally, if you are planning to renovate your home – giving yourself a big kitchen makeover over the holidays or rejuvenating your home with a new coat of paint, you must observe all the renovation rules for the year! You must NOT renovate in the following locations as doing so will cause obstacles to come your way!
  • The Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) – In 2013, the Grand Duke Jupiter is located in the Southeast, and in 2014, he moves to the South. You must NEVER renovate in his location – do not dig holes, cut trees or bang down any walls here.
  • The Three Killings (Saarm Sat) – 2013 the Three Killings is located in the East and in 2014, it moves to the North. Avoid digging, banging or making noise in these locations.
  • The Five Yellow (Wu Wang) – in 2013, the Five Yellow is in the centre and in 2014, it flies to the Northwest. If you renovate the Northwest next year, it will bring danger to the Patriarch of the house. Better to avoid disturbing this area completely!

KEY POINT TO NOTE: These renovation rules are collectively referred to as the “Annual Renovation Taboos” and we publish them in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Almanac Calendar every year. Be sure to plan your renovations accordingly, and if you are renovating the entire house, do not BEGIN or END in any of these afflicted corners. Even if you are renovating in a house you are not living in, observing these taboos are very important to ensure that you do not encounter serious obstacles while renovating!

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2013)". To subscribe, please click here.