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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Update - 8th Month of the Jia Wu Wood Horse Year

8th September 2014 - 7th October 2014

In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.



Those residing in this sector should stay away from dark, quiet areas and remember to keep your doors securely locked. Display a pair of Fu Dogs flanking your entrance to protect against robberies and break-ins. Wear a Mystic-Knot or a Hum Pendant for protection from bad chi. The energies of conflict get enhanced this month causing disagreements, which may escalate into violent fights or lawsuits. Avoid open fires here as the stars indicate danger of an accidental fire. Remedy with red furnishings or a Manjushri Flaming Sword.

The inauspicious Five Yellow brings severe monetary problems and bad luck. Display a Vairocana Stupa to protect against serious money loss. To activate for wealth chi, place a figurine of the God of Wealth Sitting on a Tiger. The energy here is bad for children; avoid letting young children sleep here this month. Wear a Protection Medallion close to the body for protection. Avoid rough sports, as they could lead to limb injuries or broken bones caused by falls. Illness chi could also cause health problems related to the heart.

The monthly violent star flies into this sector, bringing robbery and loss of wealth. Place a Yang Water Feature here to suppress the bad energies and display a Pair of Rhinoceros to protect against break-ins. Those residing in this sector will face competition in their career and business. Betrayal from someone you trust is likely. Display a Wealth Granting Tree to activate for wealth luck and a victory horse to ensure you triumph over your competitors. Place the Fuk Luk Sau here to bring good fortune for the entire household.


EAST (2/8) CENTRE (4/1) WEST (6/3)

The bad luck from last month dissipates, replaced by prosperity chi, bringing new income luck to the occupants of this sector! The Sum of Ten brings excellent tidings so activate this superb good fortune with a water feature and dragon figurine. Those living in East-facing houses enjoy good investment luck. But take caution sector as minor health problems are brought by the visiting illness star. So avoid unhygienic places and take your vitamins! Display a Longevity Vase here to lock away the illness vibes.

Students and scholars excel at studies and writers benefit from success in literary ventures. Promotions at work are possible this month. Enhance with Carp Jumping the Dragon Gate and display a Chinese calligraphy set behind you. Those taking examinations will benefit greatly from the good chi of this sector. Place a 7 Level Pagoda here to help you. Occupants of here also enjoy good romance luck. Display a Pair of Mandarin Ducks or Lovebirds. Remove water from this sector.

Residents of this sector are plagued by disagreements and arguments this month. Be careful as small tiffs can easily escalate into lawsuits! To prevent such aggravation, place a 9 Amulet Plaque orFlaming Magic Wheel with Sword here to suppress this quarrelsome chi. Occupants enjoy good speculative luck and an unexpected windfall is possible. Health-wise, it is highly unfavorable for women this month. Lung problems are possible. Display a Wu Lou with Crane as a remedy for this problem.




Be very thorough with all of your work as mistakes in important documents could lead to legal problems. Luck is not favorable this month and residents of this sector could be cheated or betrayed. Single men need to be cautious when making new friends. They could meet with unsavory characters. The clashing of elements point to frequent arguments. Pregnant women should avoid this sector, as it is especially unfavorable for them this month. Remedy with a yang water cure to reconcile the elements and carry an Anti-Burglary Amulet.

This sector brings money luck from the heavens this month. Display a Wealth Pot to energies for wealth luck. However, there is conflict between the generations, leading to arguments between the young and the old. The energy is likely to bother occupants and aggravate tempers as well. Use Six Smooth Crystal Balls to reconcile the elements and to restore harmony. If your bedroom is located here, place an Wu Lou beside your bed to protect you from illness.

The stars in the Northwest sector bring misfortune luck to the whole family especially the Patriarch. Trouble at work, financial disputes, illness and loss are indicated. To overcome this bad luck, display a pair of Golden Wu Lou or carry a Health Keychain to keep bad chi at bay. Misfortune and bad energy prevails for the whole month, so do not have open fires or candles here as the risk of fire is high. Avoid this sector, and display lots of Five Element Pagodas here to keep the afflicted chi under control.

Note: Do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.