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Peter Lung - Interviewed by Palazzo and Ventian Hotel

As the second installment to The Venetian and The Palazzo's Chinese New Year video series, we share with you the cultural significance of the Year of the Dragon. Chinese New Year which the Chinese call "Spring Festival," is celebrated every year to mark the beginning of a new astrological year, and as such the Chinese put on a huge display of good fortune symbols, and focus on abundance and happiness rituals to ensure a year filled with prosperity luck and smooth relationships!

Among all twelve astrological years the YEAR OF THE DRAGON is the most highly the Dragon is deemed as the mightiest of signs! It is the only Celestial animal in the zodiac and thus.. it is thought that the Dragon descended from the Heavens! Hence the Chinese regard  this very special creature as a  symbol of good fortune and power; those who are born under the sign of the Dragon are said to exhibit such characteristics as bravery, passion and innovation.

As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, The Venetian and The Palazzo held a ceremonial Dragon dance, a cultural dance that originated during the Han dynasty symbolizing the driving out of evil and brining of good luck and success in the coming year. Inspired by the grand style and nature of the dragon, The Palazzo has commissioned an oriental sanctuary within the resort's Waterfall & Atrium Gardens featuring a jaw-dropping presentation of more than 1,000 flowers, hanging lanterns and the Strip's premiere holiday attraction -- a  giant 128-foot, 8,000-pound fire-breathing Dragon to welcome in the Lunar Year.

As the resident feng shui expert on Chinese Culture, Peter Lung of  World of Feng Shui boutiques in Las Vegas and Honolulu, worked very closely with us on the creation of this beautiful Dragon, a project that took 12 months to come to fruition! Peter was very insistent on paying attention to fine details such as the number of claws, its facing direction and the  position of the water and earth element beds;  the display thus brings good chi through the ancient art of feng shui not only to the The Venetian and The Pallazzo but also to the city of Las Vegas.