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Feng Shui USA

The Popularity of the Feng Shui Shop

Feng shui looks at many areas of one's life, from health, wealth, family, relationships to career. Due to overwhelming response from the local Chinese market, more and more feng shui shops are opening in South California.

Feng Shui shops typically offer feng shui and related products that represent value for money and carry a strong, positive symbolic message for you, such as “good luck and prosperity” and “promotion luck and getting rich”. While some view feng shui as an art of living, many also think feng shui is a culture or Chinese folk belief. This is because feng shui is always associated with Chinese celestials animals such as the dragon, chi lin, wealth deities, wealth sheep, tortoises, golden lions, brass statues etc. Apart from these, Chinese people also use crystals to overcome all forms of bad luck as well as to enhance personal luck.

Feng shui is developed from studies of the “Yi Jing” otherwise known as the book of changes. Feng Shui applies the principles of the five elements of the “Yi Jing” to balance energies in buildings. Therefore Chinese will refer to feng shui when comes to naming their children, furniture arrangement or even what they wear.

Besides overcoming bad energy in the house, people also hang or place crystals in their homes to accumulate or activate wealth luck. Some place crystals in the four major corners of their home to conquer bad energy or bad luck, and to bring plenty of wealth luck to the family. Auspicious brass statues endowed with all the desirable marks of excellence are placed in the wealth sector to bring prosperity luck to the family.

The Chi Lin combines the characteristics of the dragon, tiger, deer, lion, bear and boar believed to protect the house. The gold colored abacus is one of the popular feng shui items used for attracting business luck. Guan Gong is the most famous wealth god as well god of protection among the Chinese.

These days, authentic strains of feng shui are well accepted by the Americans. Some casinos in Las Vegas display a wealth god to attract Asian customers. During the Chinese New Year, most casinos will place a robotic wealth god to create a festive environment as well as attract plenty of wealth luck to the casino.

Feng shui is the practice of placement and arrangement, and needs to be very accurate and detailed. For example, when one builds a new house, they would consider the orientation or facing direction of the house, the shape of the rooms and the arrangement of the furniture. Therefore it is no surprise that feng shui masters earn good livings.

Certainly there is no harm in giving Feng Shui a try as it is said, a home with good feng shui will make you and your family happier and healthier. Why not pay a visit to a feng shui shop today; you may just change your life for the better.