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Extravaganza Hits Hollywood!

Early March saw Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza make its way to Los Angeles, USA. The Event attracted a capacity crowd that comprised past students, veterans as well as amateur practitioners who flew in from as far away Florida, Canada, Hawaii and even from the South American countries. The entire room was filled and some who came at the last minute regretfully had to be turned away. The location of the Extravaganza feng shui updates and full day workshop was the fabulous Hilton at LA International Airport and this really made life easy for those who flew in from out of town. Hosted by Peter and Joanie Lung of WOFS Primm, Nevada, the two-day event was a resounding success with everyone returning home pleased with all the good stuff they had got. As always, Lillian teaches with a generosity of spirit, holding nothing back and this endeared her to the more than 300 participants.

On the first day, Lillian outlined feng shui and astrology updates for the current year 2005 explicitly addressing the effects of the change in chi energy as we move into the second year of the Period of 8. She answered many questions from the audience, and many who had come to LA with the main purpose of getting up close and personal with her had the chance to do so.

More than 90 percent of those who came for the first day stayed on for the workshop on Practical Feng Shui the next day. In this workshop, Lillian took a practical approach to feng shui explaining in great detail how everyone could return home after the workshop and start analyzing the feng shui of their homes. The workshop covered practical aspects of practising most of the major compass formulas of feng shui, with Lillian offering helpful hints on how to perform accurate feng shui readings of their own homes with confidence. All left with a Certificate after the Workshop.

Next stop on the Extravaganza Tour is Melbourne, Australia on the 2nd and 5th June.For feng shui enthusiasts down under, don’t miss the chance to meet and listen to Lillian Too in person. She will also be directly addressing the issue of North and South hemisphere feng shui and will explain in depth why there is no difference in practising the formulas for both hemispheres. For more information and booking details, click here.