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Feng Shui goes to the BEACH!

Feng Shui is everywhere! And that is such a good thing!

In my spare time and to help get the "Feng Shui word out" I attend a Farmers Market at the beach in California. The response has been positive and exciting! Some of you are saying . . . "what is a farmers' market"? It is a display of fresh produce, handmade crafts, good things to eat and sometimes wonderful music. The Farmers Market that I am talking about here is in California at the BEACH! They even sell fresh fish right off the boat that is docked there in the harbor!

I get up early on a Sunday morning and head for the beach! This is part of my mission to help "educate" folks about Feng Shui.

I set up a beautiful red, pagoda umbrella and a couple of tables draped in red silk fabric. I distribute FREE information about Feng Shui and also sell some basic Feng Shui items that are difficult for interested folks to find in the area.

Some folks find me because I am "bright red" and stand out in the crowd . . .others find me because they know about Feng Shui and want to know more . . . some look for me and even call me to see what day I will be coming back . . . some approach in a quiet and shy manner because they "want to know but are afraid to ask" about Feng Shui.

The setting is beautiful and relaxed and the energy is as open and receptive as that vast, blue ocean behind me. The music begins and provides an almost gala atmosphere!

Why am I sharing this with you? I just thought it might make you smile and also realize that there are so many opportunities to SHARE our knowledge of Feng Shui and to help change lives!

Remember . . . the best part of having something wonderful is SHARING . . .

Abundant blessings of peace,
Jan McCracken
Chief Visionary
SIMPLY Feng Shui

About the author: Jan McCracken resides in Ventura, California, USA and is a graduate of Lillian Too's Master Practitioner Program. Jan's Feng Shui studies also include certification from the American Feng Shui Institute, Gary Hendrickson's Weaving the Web and Black Hat Practitioner Training. Her professional background includes over 20 years in the Property Management business. Jan currently offers traditional Feng Shui consulting in Southern and Central California. She is in the process of launching an exciting new website which we will make available to you in the very near future. Jan would love to hear from you ~ please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..