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Feng Shui Ukraine

World Of Feng Shui Boutique Opens Its Doors in Ukraine

Anzhela Sorokina welcomes you to her newly opened feng shui boutique in Ukraine and tells how meeting up with feng shui changed her life!

Life was generally good for me with a good family and a steady improvement in my income and career. At its peak, I thought my life was stable and I would be happy and able to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Little did I know that when I had reached the peak in my career, that a drastic drop was in store for me. I lost focus in life and was at a deadlock with little hope for joy or continued happiness. Things got so bad so quickly that I was desperately grasping at any opportunities for help and improvement.

It was in the autumn of 2005 that I took a trip to Antalia to attend a class by a famous psychologist Andrey Levshinov. It was at this meeting that I had the luck to meet Victoria Kovalenko who introduced me to the practice of feng shui. Victoria is a student of Lillian Too and is proprietor of the World Of Feng Shui boutique in London.

Simply by using my date and time of birth, Victoria was able to give me a life reading which spiked my interest in this science. When I reached home I was consumed by a thirst for more knowledge of feng shui and hungrily read the books suggested by Victoria. I was able to understand the basic principles of feng shui through Lillian Too’s books and began rearranging the furniture in my home to suit my good directions. I was in constant contact with Victoria, who suggested I should also apply the annual cures and remedies for the year according to my animal zodiac sign.

Within a short period of time, I saw the obvious transformation in my luck both in my career as well as with my associates, friends and family. Many of them were asking what it was that caused this about-turn in my overall luck. I continued to stay in touch with Victoria, and soon, many of my friends and family were also practising feng shui and enjoying the good results.

I was running my own company in the trading of food products and wanted to expand the business. However, life took a different direction as my love for feng shui grew. Eventually I traveled to Malaysia to attend my first ever formal course on feng shui. Finally, meeting up with Lillian reinforced my inner desire to own one of my own World Of Feng Shui boutiques.

Since I only spoke Spanish ,this was a big challenge, but thanks to Victoria, who accompanied me through the course and acted as my translator, I was about to understand the material throughout the 6-day course.

It took 3 years and lots of hard work, but now I am glad to introduce you to my own World Of Feng Shui boutique in Ukraine!

World Of Feng Shui Ukraine
Mariupol City
Doneckaya Oblast 22AKazanceva Street

Contact no: +38 06 2933 8335
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