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Travelganza 2010

January and February 2010 were busy months for WOFS UK franchisees, Victoria Kovalenko (London) and Yelena Aust (Oxford). While Victoria was busy giving talks on Feng Shui, Yelena looked after the boutiques during the busiest time of the year. It did not take long to realize how good the year started for WOFS UK. There was much more interest in Feng Shui this year and they had to put more effort in and extra time into the preparations. But that was all FUN.

The highly anticipated Annual Feng Shui Updates 2010 were conducted in 3 different countries: Lithuania (Vilnuis), Ukraine (Kiev and Mariupol) and UK (London). Victoria Kovalenko, is a well known and very much valued feng shui master consultant in these countries. Victoria’s presentation fulfilled what the participants had waited anxiously to know – an overview of the year 2010 from the Feng Shui perspective, followed by further insights into the luck of each of the 12 animal signs.

 WOFS UK Travelganza began on 23 January 2010 in Vilnuis, Lithuania. The enthusiasm was obvious and during breaks, they would queue up to find out more about the latest products, courses and consultations. Among the popular items were WOFS Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers for 2010, handy-sized Horoscope Books, Almanacs and Diaries, all lovingly created by Lillian Too. There were many pleasant testimonials about the quality of the products and their modern use. Many of the participants were visibly impressed that Feng Shui cures could be used as the fashion accessories such as scarves, fans, watches or cufflinks.

On the morning of 30th of January WOFS UK Travelganza headed on to the Ukraine to the city of Mariupol where WOFS has a boutique since 2006 opened by Victoria’s and Lillian Too student and feng shui consultant Anzhela Sorokina. This being the first Feng Shui Annual Update 2010 event in the Ukraine, Victoria was invited by the local Radio Station for a live interview. As a result, the number of participants grew very quickly and preparations to increase the sitting area had to be arranged.

The second stop was in Kiev on the 31st of January, the capital and the largest city of Ukraine. This is where the big treat was given – the Lion Dance! Lots of good energy was created and this empowered everyone present. Members of the audience including some celebrities, radio and TV representatives, took notes of Victoria’s expert tips on what they can do to activate auspicious stars and how can they maximise the various aspects of their lives. They paid great attention to her advice on how to subdue and control the negative influences of inauspicious Stars. At the end of the day, they were confident that they were ready for a great 2010. They were fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to make 2010 a successful year for themselves, their business, career and their family members.

The participants also had the opportunity to interact with Victoria in person at the Question-and-Answers part at the end of the talk. Although very tiring it was really a unique and lucky experience to be able to give so much to so many.

Among the questions posed, Victoria was to predict who was most likely to win the country’s election, which was coming to the end at the time. Who is the next Ukrainian leader? She made the necessary calculations for the first round where there were four candidates and later on for the second round with only two candidates left. When the official results were announced, Victoria’s predictions were spot on. Moreover, she made some predictions on the competition between the candidates and she predicted an initial lawsuit against the winner, which would be withdrawn later, and it happened. As Victoria predicted, the new president of Ukraine now is Yanukovich who has plenty of courage, natural leadership attributes and enthusiasm.

The last leg of the Travelganza was in London. The Annual Feng Shui Updates 2010 was held on the Receive Day, 6th February, in English and on the 8th February in Russian. Both talks were well attended with attendees coming from as far as Prague, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.

Yelena Aust

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