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Why Feng Shui Works - Part IV

In this series of articles, well known feng shui expert/consultant-Paul Darby-The Feng Shui Doctor, from British TV, tells us why feng shui is scientific, explains how and why it works!!

Feng Shui is a method of accessing the 'good vibrations' around us.

Feng Shui tunes us into quantum packets of energy which can help us get through life, support us through hard times, create potential and creativity to bring the best out of us during good times, protect us against the interference of artificial electromagnetic energy-poison arrows, shar chi! Feng Shui is not the only method for doing this- many methods work-I use feng shui, tai chi, chi kung and meditation. Use what works for you-and use them in a cocktail which gives optimum results for you!

Feng Shui tunes our environment and us, harmonising, energising--blending us together helping internally and externally. All DNA, all cells resonate, vibrate--a cell produces 100,000 chemical reactions per second--yes, that is-per second. Each reaction produces a vibration, each cell liberates billions of vibrations--so the Tao, The Field, The Web, the soup of life comes into being--think of the jiggling, zinging, dancing which is there around you!

The special vibrations- called morphogenesis cause cell co-ordination and communication. They help the body play as an orchestra--in harmony, instead of the discord produced when unhealthy-artificially produced vibrations- 'black streams'---man-made electromagnetic fields- interfere with this building process disrupting and distorting cells.

A scientist named Burr[read more about him in Lynne Mctaggart's book] discovered that all things have energy fields and each energy field of everything is unique.

What he did find interesting was that a chicken's energy field is the same as that emitted from an egg. The baby has an adult blueprint to work to!!!! This pattern is within the object and also radiates form it-- its aura!

Changes in the patterns of electrical charges, the vibrational patterns can produce growth, sleep, light, water, disease!

For example, by messing around with the energy patterns of a flat worm , Marsh and Beams discovered they could develop the head where the tail was and the tail where the head should be! They had discovered that these collective patterns of vibrations got the proteins in cells to co-operate with each other. The proteins working together, produce an electrical charge, this charge sets off waves of vibrating energy, wave patterns---so the soup of life- the Tao is created-evermoving-ever changing.

Later on, scientists discovered that these patterns varied in cyclic rhythms, 7-14-32-80-270 days.

Serious illnesses seemed to be a loss of these rhythms--through outside interference with the natural processes. A 'not feeling right' when ill, is exactly that! A loss of balance, a lack of harmony--getting the wrong vibrations, or not being able to pick up the good ones around you because of 'jamming' and interference from the environment.

Feng Shui helps to rebalance the systems of the environment, producing the right vibrational patterns which in turn help to resonate and tune the vibrational patterns we need in order to flourish.

We need to be synchronised with our surroundings. In experiments with daphnia [water fleas], quantum physicists discovered that not only do they 'suck up', tune into, and take on vibrations from their surroundings but from each other. Even more astounding, when some were placed in distress, the others picked up on this. This also happened with trees and plants!

Wave resonance between things, between everything produces a positive, creative, growth-enhancing communication 'Internet' 'email' system. If this communication system is broken down, or interfered with--dis-ease, lack of 'ease' begins! Homeopathy is a greaWave resonance between things, between everything produces a positive, creative, growth-enhancing communication 'Internet' 'email' system. If this communication system is broken down, or interfered with--dis-ease, lack of 'ease' begins! Homeopathy is a great example of this communication system, but then so is animal, bird and fish migration, meditation, acupuncture and of course- feng shui as well as many other therapies and methods.

By using 'tuning forks' in whatever therapy method or blend of methods you wish, the body can be balanced and harmonised with its surroundings, allowing the environment to help with healing-- the internal is affected by the external and vice versa. Ancient Taoist Alchemy books talk of the internal and external landscapes being one.

This effect has been noted and used by the medical profession in its simplest form for years. Pleasant surroundings, pleasant music[vibrations], during an operation and then afterwards, help the healing. Patients facing trees and hills get better quicker better than those facing a busy car park and buildings. No surprise there surely? Hence the aquarium in the dentists' waiting room! But more about water very shortly!

Paul Darby is renowned as an international feng shui consultant. He teaches feng shui and has made many TV appearances. He is internationally registered as a consultant/educator. Paul offers the service of postal feng shu consultations--about 30 pages of room by room analysis. He has helped clients throughout Europe, America, Canada, India and South Africa. For details--This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or