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Why Feng Shui Works - Part III

In this series of articles, well known feng shui expert/consultant-Paul Darby-The Feng Shui Doctor, from British TV, tells us why feng shui is scientific, explains how and why it works!!

This 'tuning in' to the vibrations has intrigued all the wise people throughout time and still does- from shamans to scientists, from philosophers to psychics and engineers. Aristotle and Michael Faraday knew there was more to things that those that could be actually seen! They knew, but could not prove that the most important part of energy was not its source but the field of influence around it.

Quantum Physicists in the 1960s,70s, 80s, 90s and the 21st century are now explaining why meditation, acupuncture and feng shui work. The chi is simply an electromagnetic field, an influence which either can be helpful- if used well, or can hinder, if ignored, or put 'out of tune' by where, and how we live.

A famous physicist puts it simply-'Every time you use a toaster, the field around it changes its vibrations slightly throughout your environment'.

That's just one toaster, so look at all the other things, electrical, non electrical which 'pollute' the vibrations, the natural energies, the potential around us. No wonder we are in such a mess! Read Lynne McTaggart's 'The Field' for more scientific experiments into these vibrations and their effects!

Feng shui minimises the interference and enhances the resonances- the good vibrations! The constant exchanges of vibrations, these dynamic dancing waves of energy are bound to affect us, our surroundings, our world--positively and/or negatively charged, with differing wave length frequencies-- this is the yin and yang, the five elements, the compass directions, the metaphors of the Celestial Animals used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

They knew they were onto something- must have been for it to last-they did not understand it completely, they just knew it worked!!!

Now quantum scientists tell us that every particle, every wave of energy, of this 'natural electricity', this weak and subtle 'photon light' dances, radiates its own vibrations, its own patterns. Some patterns create and grow, others, disintegrate and are lost--the constructive and destructive cycles described by feng shui experts for many centuries! We harmonise with our surroundings, we tune in, we pick up on what is around us--either in a constructive or a destructive way.

Quantum physics says there has to be harmony, a balance, a meeting of positive and negative electrical charges. The timeless balance of yin and yang used by feng shui and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. All is a 'trembling motion'--jiggling energy.

We are concentrated energy--not really solid at all, as are all 'solid' objects, live or inanimate. We vibrate, everything vibrates- in a harmonic natural pattern of dynamic energy flow. What do we do!!!-surround ourselves with metal, plastic, microwaves, TVs, mobilephones, electricity- all kinds of poisonous concoctions, and then wonder why we do not feel so good--we are losing the 'music', we are not tuned in-we have drifted off the right frequency and cannot connect!!

Get back to the natural patterns of chi, tune in, resonate, harmonise---feng shui will help you. Around us is a vast energy bank- an 'Internet' of potential. It is positive, creative energy-and we, with our clever inventions, have poisoned, polluted and disrupted the very 'medicine' which can help us!

I can name hundreds of scientists, thousands of experiments to prove what I am saying. best read the books I recommended at the beginning of this series of articles-- all the evidence is there!

One famous scientist-Popp-proved the interaction of electromagnetic radiation, in its natural and more dangerous manmade forms, with biological systems. He proved that vibrating energy waves called 'photons'- a weak light source-[called by some people auras]-were interfered with by vibrating fields of energy-causing the photons in our body to vibrate in tune with those around us. When those vibrations were natural and healthy--great----if unhealthy resonances were tuning our bodies, then illnesses such as cancer, MS, ME, depression were caused!

Feng Shui gives you access to the subatomic Internet! It allows freedom, access to millions of patterns of positive, creative potential------but 'discord,' produced from nasty energy patterns, can corrupt the system, producing a 'virus' which can destroy- as with a computer ---a 'worm' which destroys from within--'memory banks', 'access' and use- causing our system to CRASH!--Blue Screen! vv.

Paul Darby is renowned as an international feng shui consultant. He teaches feng shui and has made many TV appearances. He is internationally registered as a consultant/educator. Paul offers the service of postal feng shu consultations--about 30 pages of room by room analysis. He has helped clients throughout Europe, America, Canada, India and South Africa. For details--This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or