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Why Feng Shui Works - Part II

In this series of articles, well known feng shui expert/consultant-Paul Darby-The Feng Shui Doctor, from British TV, tells us why feng shui is scientific, explains how and why it works!!

Good vibrations then, are the answer! I always suspected the hippies had the right idea!!!. As George Harrison sang' Life goes on within you and without you'!

The energy vibrations given off and taken in by everything in the 'Web', the Tao, are simple, electrically charged resonances, in a kind of digital code which our bodies and indeed everything else in the Cosmos can tune into and use, absorbing its information and creative potential. But remember, we give out the vibrations as well and so contribute to the Tao as well as taking from it.

These electrical charges of energy- vibrating waves of pulsating very weak photon 'light', are constantly reacting and responding to each other. The vibrations-the natural energy, or 'chi' as some call it, is creative potentiality in its purest form and by enhancing, protecting and using the environment around us in a positive way, we can learn to tune into this creative potentiality and use it. Remember this is quantum physics not just ancient feng shui speaking!

Why did physicists get into proving this? They see a vast source of untapped energy which can be used for space travel and other every day uses throughout the world. hence the research, hence the interest. The proof about feng shui is just a fascinating by- product!

I use Compass School Feng Shui which states that the chi in different compass locations varies in its composition and energy levels-yin/yang and the five elements. This is just the ancient Chinese way of referring to these various and changing energy patterns.

Quantum physicists would agree with this and point to the natural environment, the winds and the weather as the explanation of the differing electrical charges, the subtle vibrations all around us. This huge, endless field of energy, means we are all interconnected with one another and with our surroundings constantly-a 'domino' effect-all pushing against each other---so, as feng shui as always stated--changes in colour, movement, light, plants, sounds will affect the vibrational qualities of the air around us and so therefore affect the vibrations, the energy patterns and as a result--us, our moods, our health, our feelings, our positivity.

That's feng shui in a nutshell!

We are resonating-human 'tuning forks'-harmonising with these vibrations-the cells of our body trying to pitch exactly to the vast 'tunes of the universe', either tuning in, or being in discord, with our environment all of the time. No wonder it affects us if we sleep in the wrong place, if lots of pointed corners speed up the vibrations, if beams push them down at us. Hopefully now, it all makes sense- and this is the rub, it always did make sense-but some of us needed scientific experiment and proof-read 'The Field' by Lynne McTaggart--it is a book full of proof!

Feng Shui is common sense, an earth science, applied practically and logically with the added experience of the practitioner in what works best and why. Feng shui is an ancient knowing of the principles of the universe, without the fancy names quantum scientists give to it today. The important thing is IT WORKS- it always has and always will work. But the vibrations- as we shall see, explain all other therapies, healing, natural ways of 'de-stressing', -even reincarnation and the death process-which I studied with Tibetan monks and nuns.

We are all part of the soup-the Tao, as is everything else. All in the Tao effects everything else in the Tao - the recipe has to be spot on, or the taste will be off--we are part of it-it is part of us!

This vibrating, powerful sea of energy flowing around us, coming from us, and being taken in by us, needs us to be in tune, literally 'in tune' with our surroundings. If we are not, confusion sets in - storms in the ocean rock our little boats.

These storms, this discord, this confusion can lead to stress, illness, emotional problems. If we are not able to 'pick up good vibrations' - it is usually because the man-made world around us has spoilt the natural electrical charges, the 'light' , the 'sounds', the 'music', 'jamming' the frequencies with artificial electromagnetic energy - so - we live in discord!

Feng shui, when performed correctly, 'tunes' our world, allows the instrument to be played properly, like a radio tuned in precisely to a frequency-cutting out 'nasty' interference--stopping the 'jamming'.

This natural energy, this 'chi', is all electrically charged packets of energy - vibrational patterns. The closer the patterns rub together, close together and unite, the more likely, matter, something solid, is formed.

We are then-closely knit, vibrating packets of energy. Our vibrations are unique and respond to the vibrations around us in general, but in slightly unique ways. General patterns of reactions have been worked out by the feng shui masters, so that career, health, wealth, relationships, creativity can all be 'tuned in'.

Paul Darby is renowned as an international feng shui consultant. He teaches feng shui and has made many TV appearances. He is internationally registered as a consultant/educator. Paul offers the service of postal feng shu consultations--about 30 pages of room by room analysis. He has helped clients throughout Europe, America, Canada, India and South Africa. For details--This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or