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Feng Shui Guidelines for Rooms - Part V

The use of crystals / stones

Crystals/stones are energisers and should be especially displayed in the south west, north east or centre of the home---earth element areas. Avoid placing them in long, narrow corridors as they make the chi rush through too quickly! Chi can become tired and faded in the same way that furniture and furnishings can be affected by strong sunlight. Hang a well cut crystal ball from a window. This has the effect of transforming the oppressive sunlight into a rainbow of colours, immediately enhancing the room with chi that is revitalised and healthy. If there are too many windows in a room or house, discord can come between parents and children. Hang windchimes or a crystal in the window, or place a crystal on the window sill. There should be no more than three windows for each door!

Crystals should be washed about every six weeks to remain effective. They are best washed using mineral water, rather than tap water.

Crystals are the ultimate symbol of the earth element. They are most often used in the south west, north east or centre. DO NOT place crystals in the north, except under guidance of a qualified consultant. A small amethyst crystal on a TV or computer monitor in the North is fine----it is simply there to absorb some of the electro-magnetic energy.

Clear crystals such as quartz are commonly used, but you can use the raw minerals, stones/semi precious stones/minerals. A faceted crystal in a window will display a yang rainbow. A solid crystal ball in the south west is used to enhance relationships. In the east it is used to encourage career prospects and in the north east to stimulate successful educational advancement of members of the family.

Agate - called 'The Firestone', helps with confidence and bravery. Good for making you feel more sociable and energetic. South especially.

Amazonite - very soothing to the nervous system, uplifting and helpful for creativity, helpful for memory. Good in the West and North East [for study] especially.

AMBER - the 'soul of the tiger'. Excellent for protection, good against bullying-wear amber as jewellery.

Amethyst - pale lilac/deep purple-associated with meditation and changes in consciousness, intuition, bringing uplifting qualities. Increases spiritual awareness. East/North East especially.

Aventurine - midgreen with sparky flecks-calming and soothing, associated with healing and nature. Can heal heartache and sorrow, helps with soothing anxiety, bringing back well being. East/South West/West especially.

Azurite - a blue stone which helps the flow of energy, useful in meditation--good for mental balance and decision making. Can help with creativity. North East/East and West especially.

Bloodstone - helps circulation and the bloodstream. Reduces stress. Use in the South West, South and East especially.

Blue Lace Agate - pale blue with milky white quartz-balancing and calming. Enhances your creativity, brings harmony. West/South West especially.

Carnelian - good for concentration and energy. Excellent as a study aid. Brings happiness, sociability and warmth. North East for study, or South especially.

Citrine - pale yellow to golden orange-wisdom and spiritual upliftment. Does not need cleansing. Can raise your self esteem, bring material gain, joy and purpose. East, South East/South West, West especially.

Clear Quartz - energising, healing, enlightening. Dispels negativity, energises and activates. Useful in most areas (except North!)

Emerald - helps with spirituality, love, kindness, calmness and patience. Useful in many areas, especially the South West and the East.

Garnet - can balance the sex drive and help with balancing of the emotions, helps to engender compassion. Useful in the South West and the South especially.

Gold Tiger Eye - brown and golden yellow-strength, grounding, material matters, protection-brings awareness of self and others. Centre, East, West, South West, North East.

Hematite - black, silvery metallic sheen, opaque-associated with fate, earthing and protective qualities. Excellent for confidence and courage. Good general use-except North.

Jade - extremely good protection for house or for people, if carried or worn as jewellery. Very sexual, encourages love, and health. Excellent in the East, but good generally.

Lapis Lazuli - a flecked blue stone which brings vitality, awareness and balance, spirituality. Very good in the North East/North West/East especially.

Moonstone - especially helpful for women and women's health, particularly period pains. Called the 'Mother Earth' stone, associated with fertility and child bearing as well as balancing emotions. Excellent in the South West, West and East especially.

Opal - called the 'Rainbow Stone', helps with self esteem and contentment. Useful in the South and the South West especially.

Red Jasper - deep terracotta, opaque-practical qualities, earthy matters, help ideas become reality. South, East, West, North East and South West especially.

Rose Quartz - pale pink-helps with letting go of anger, bringing forgiveness, comfort, softness, unconditional love, peace and harmony. Good general use, especially in South West and West-not in North.

Ruby - this bright red stone represents affection, passion, power---an energising tonic. Excellent in the South especially.

Sapphire - brings clarity and inspiration. Good in the North East, East and West especially.

Snowflake Obsidian - jet black with white splashes-clearing and guiding, image of light at the end of the tunnel, glimmer of hope after 'bad patch.' Excellent for awareness, balancing, calmness. Good general use-not North.

Snow Quartz - pure white-purity, blessing, cleanses, brings spiritual support and gentle comfort. North East, East/South West.

Topaz - usually yellow, or pink---good for getting the poisons out of the body, good for health and warmth, peaceful and soothing. Good for creativity and self expression. Use in the East, North East, South and West especially.

Turquoise - a great strengthener for the whole body, helps with healing, brings emotional stability, communication and friendship. Use in the East, South, South West, West and North West especially.

Unakite - pale green blended with salmon pink-balancing, harmonising, argument settling, releases energy blockages. South West/West especially.

Zircon - its many colours can help with insomnia and depression, it raises self esteem and balances. Use in the North East, East and South West especially

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