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Feng Shui Guidelines for Rooms - Part IV

Other Rooms

Offices should be offices and all 'business things'kept there. No fax machines in bedrooms, no brief cases in the dining room! Good locations for offices are, the North East--Knowledge and Learning, North West--Mentors, Networking and Helpful People, North--Career and of course, South East--Wealth and Richness of Life. Other zones to consider perhaps, depending on the work done there and the Pa Kua numbers of the persons involved, are the West--Creativity, and the East---Realisation of Ambitions----so quite a choice.

Each one, of course, would contain colours and ornaments appropriate to that sector of the Pa Kua. Yang energy should outbalance yin to bring strength, power and activity. Vertical blinds are a good idea and try to get the computer in the East or North West of the room's Pa Kua where possible. Any desks need a clear view of the door.

Conservatories fit into the Pa Kua sectors appropriate for the various 'Life Aspirations'. The overall shape of the conservatory can be important---rounded shapes are yin, whereas angular shapes would be yang. A workroom would need angular shapes, but a resting, relaxation room could be very rounded. Creative rooms for work or hobbies would be best located in theWest.


As far as Feng Shui is concerned. Biggest enemies in the bedroom are---- clutter, mirrors reflecting the bed and beds under windows or beams! Bedrooms are places of personal refuge and protection. They are where you recharge your body chi. The bedroom should usually be a yin area of quiet calmness. This may change to be more yang for children's and teenagers bedrooms.

North is ideal for quiet sleep. This sector has a calming energy which enhances spiritual depth. It is not good for those feeling lonely however as it can lead to them feeling more isolated. The young and vibrant and those moving forward in their careers might also find the north too relaxing a place to sleep. The north is also associated with sex------ so is a good place for a bedroom from this point of view. You could then enhance the south [passion] and the south west [relationships] parts of the room!!!!!

The north east has a sharp, motivating chi-this is often too strong for a bedroom--it can even induce nightmares. The active and ambitious energies of the east are ideal for the young. The south east is good for those in business or developing a career. Those looking for passion should move their bedroom to the south. If you are looking for pleasure, the western zone is perfect!

The south west is not the best area for a bedroom, it can lead to cautious feelings. If your bedroom is in the south west, you need to stimulate other areas of the Pa Kua within the room.

Those sleeping above garages need to stimulate all the earth energies they can and beware if your bedroom is above a kitchen. Check that your bed is not above the stove!!!

If your bedroom is directly confronting the staircase, hang a six tube windchime by the door. Square shaped rooms are best. If there are any alcoves or corners, then hang a crystal windchime in it. Use softer, pastel colours in bedrooms, adding bits of red in the appropriate areas to bring passion and strong relationship feelings to the fore!

Never sleep with your feet facing the door. This is called 'death' position in China. Do not face the door with your head, this will lead to you feeling insecure. Having your feet pointing directly at the window is considered very bad luck. Mirrors reflecting the bed will lead to disturbed sleep patterns and headaches. A bedroom should ideally only have one door.

It should have the biggest bed you can afford and allow both occupants to leave the bed without scrambling over their partners. Wooden beds are considered best, at least 18 inches off the floor.

Do not have drawers underneath-they only accumulate clutter-and then you sleep above it. Water beds are not good Feng Shui--keep all water and symbols of water out of the bedroom. If you must have an electric blanket, switch it off or remove it before you enter the bed. Both sides of the bed should match and the headboard [best made of wood] should be higher than the footboard. Headboards should be on a solid wall. Avoid having beams or any cupboards above your bed. Also avoid pictures hanging above your head .

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