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Feng Shui Thailand

One Day Feng Shui workshop with Ms. Ireen Ong

Saturday, 30th July 2005, 9:00am – 5:30pm
Practical Feng Shui for Living Home

Sunday, 31st July 2005, 9:00am – 5:30pm

Eight Mansion Feng Shui for Work Spaces

46 professionals from a diversity of cultures & professions - from housewives, architects, businessmen and interior designers to IT specialists, advertising specialists and financial controllers - made up the July 2005 class of the Basic Feng Shui Workshop with Ms. Ireen Ong. They came from all over from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Ireen taught the course with great panache and style. Said one student, "Ireen shares her feng shui knowledge with great passion and this course has cleared any qualms. It was really fun learning feng shui." Another student said, "This has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the next class."

The one day basic feng shui workshop was structured to give each student a firm foundation in feng shui, which they could use to enhance business luck, family relations, to find love, recover from poor health, or to plan their investments, buy or sell property or just to help others. Students were also taught space clearing to uplift the energy of any given space. The workshop ended at 5 pm, culminating in the presentation of certificates.


Ms. Pranee Chongrukvanich

I come from a province outside Bangkok, and I had to travel 4 hours per day for attending this course. Although it was tiring, by the end of the 2-day Basic Feng Shui Workshop, I found everything more than worthwhile as I gained important knowledge which I can use to enhance my life.

I am a vegetarian, so for meals, I needed a special request, but all the staff were so kind to specially prepare me vegetarian food, and they were so considerate about the fact I had to make a long journey and may not have had the time to prepare dinner after the workshop, so they also prepared dinner for me to take away back to the hotel. I will always remember the nice people I met here and will definitely return for the next advanced level course!

Ms. Tippa Pachrapokin

I've been very interested in feng shui all this while, but there are many different schools of feng shui, many different masters and different terminology that causes confusion. After attending the course, I am now clear on how to implement simple feng shui into my home and my office.

Ms. Ireen Ong recommended wearing the 9-eyed DZI to help me in dissolving obstacles to success and to enhance my reputation. The Dzi is also said to bring wealth and windfall luck. Believe it or not, after 2 days of wearing the Dzi, I collected all the bad debts that had been on hold status for 4-5 months. I am really amazed at the power of feng shui!

Mr. Michael Yip & Ms. Belin Ong

Initially we came to Bangkok for sightseeing and we knew about this workshop coincidentally through friends. We looked forward to building a strong foundation of knowledge on feng shui to improve the quality of our life.

At first we were worried we would not be able to catch up with the rest of the class, as the majority of the students were Thais, but Ireen conducted the class in both English and Thai clearly and confidently, and we were amazed at her proficiency in both languages. We were also given handouts in English that we could refer to. We travel to Bangkok quite often, but this trip we were so lucky to have heard about this course and to get the chance to attend it and make many new friends.