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Feng Shui Thailand

One Day Feng Shui workshop with Ms. Ireen Ong

46 professionals from a diversity of cultures & professions - from housewives, architects, businessmen and interior designers to IT specialists, advertising specialists and financial controllers - made up the July 2005 class of the Basic Feng Shui Workshop with Ms. Ireen Ong.


Fairies and Feng Shui comes to Bangkok!

Eight adorable fairies graced the grand opening of World Of Feng Shui Boutique in Thailand. It was officiated on the 27th of January 2005 with the little fairies revealing the boutique’s trademark signage in prosperous red and gold.


The 2nd WOFS Shop is now open in Bangkok!

On the auspicious Thursday of 27th October 2005, WOFS Thailand under Master Franchisee Ms. Ireen Ong opened its second World of Feng Shui boutique in Bangkok on the 2nd floor of Seacon Square Center.