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Feng Shui Spain

Ola! Valencia! WOFS Opens in Valencia, Spain

World of Feng Shui boutique has opened its doors to a Valencian community at Joaquin Costa 53 Street.
The perfect setting, decor and lighting created a happy mood, as the invited guests and community people eagerly watched a showcase unveil. This new establishment caters to everyone's feng shui needs from luck enhancers to all the cures that would create he atmosphere of harmony in every home and business place, at very affordable prices.


To give you a glimpse of what Feng Shui can do in every aspect of one's life, the philosophy from which it started more than 5000 years ago in China must be applied. Feng Shui is based on the elements around us and how to achieve positive influences instead of the negative chi or energy that will not be beneficial in our lives.   


The five elements earth, water, metal, wood and fire are represented in things around us and have great importance to one's happiness, success and luck. Directions play an important role to know where feng shui cures and enhancers must be placed to achieve desirable results.

Good directions are called Tien Yi or Sky Doctor, Nien Yi, longevity with many descendants; Fu Wei excellent for studying and working and Sheng Chi, the creator's
breath. The non-favorable directions are:  Ho Hai (accidents, hitches and illnesses); Wu Kei (bad companies and headaches); Lui Sha (family and professional problems) and Chuen Ming (destruction of family).

Many schools teach about every detail in Feng Shui which will make everyone aware of how to achieve and generate success as we are able to balance the elements surrounding us.

World of Feng Shui in Valencia welcomes everyone to a new world of good luck, happiness, success and peace! Vamonos amigos! (C'mon friends!) Give yourselves this chance as we make a journey to harmonious and blissful lives.