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Malaysia and Spain Closer Thanks to World of Feng Shui

Feng Shui breaks national boundaries, and arrives strongly in Spain from the Far East. Thanks to professionals of World of Feng Shui, this oriental art of living is getting more and more adapts within Spaniards, who is trying to improve their everyday living.

An evidence of this good relationship is the reception given by the Malaysian Embassy in Spain last September 15, with the occasion of the celebration of the Merdeka Day, or Malaysian National Day, to which Maria Uriel and Francisco Garcia, of World of Feng Shui Spain, were kindly invited.

Maria and Francisco had the chance to talk with the Malaysian Ambassador, his Excellence DATO SHAARANI BIN IBRAHIM, and his wife, and could share with them all the plans that WOFS Spain has in the country. Both the Ambassador and his wife knew about Lillian Too’s success in expanding the brand World of Feng Shui around the globe, and showed great interest in the activities that are being developed by WOFS Spain. They were delighted to hear that next year Lillian Too will be visiting Madrid and will be performing in the Spanish Capital Annual 2005 Extravaganza. With the presence of Mrs. Too, Madrid will become the Feng Shui Capital of the World for a few days. The Malaysian diplomats have kindly accepted to support the event.

Maria Uriel and Francisco Garcia are the only owners of World of Feng Shui Boutique in Madrid, where all Feng Shui enthusiasts can find the enhancers and other products they need to make their practice easy. They also provide professional Feng Shui consulting and training.

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