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Feng Shui Spain

Auspicious Grand Opening of World of Feng Shui Madrid!!!

Saturday, 8th of May, 7 pm.

A crowd of Feng Shui enthusiasts admire with surprise and joy the performance of the traditional Chinese Lion Dance at the Mercado Puerta Toledo, the mall where World of Feng Shui Madrid is located. The events of the Grand Opening of the first World of Feng Shui Boutique in Europe have just started.

More than 200 friends and feng shui lovers experience the boost of fresh yang energy that such a nice ceremony is providing all of us.

Once the lions finish the auspicious dance, all guests are welcomed with a glass of chilled “cava” a tasty Spanish sparkling wine, to ensure the best of the successes for this unique business concept, the first ever business in Spain fully dedicated to the practice of the ancient oriental technique of feng shui.

María and Francisco, the franchisees of World of Feng Shui Madrid, explain to everybody the meaning and use of all the symbols and feng shui enhancers available at the Boutique. No doubt that the star of the night is our 50cm tall bronze Kuan Kung, protecting our entrance, closely followed by the big golden “Three Legged Toad”, with its coin on the mouth, auspiciously ensuring future prosperity from its privileged position, overlooking the main door. What a great success!!!

World of Feng Shui Madrid will very soon be followed by World of Feng Shui Barcelona. Both will ensure that all Spanish and European practitioners can get their feng shui cures, enhancers and tools. WOFS Madrid is located at the Mercado Puerta de Toledo shopping mall, local 3341. WOFS Barcelona is centraly located at #40 Urgel Street, on the commercial district of Eixample.