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Feng Shui Singapore

WOFS Singapore

Concierge of Services
We have a full range of Feng Shui services to cater for the diverse needs of our clientele both in Singapore.

  • Modern Feng Shui Consultation for Residences, Offices, Retail & Corporate Projects.
  • Courses
  • Talks & Seminars
  • Contemporary Feng Shui Wellness products
  • On-line Feng Shui Services
  • Feng Shui Interior Design
  • Facilitation in getting your Ideal Property
  • Associates Referral Programs
  • Wholesale & Distributorship Programs

Sharing our wealth of Feng Shui knowledge both from our practical experience and the rich source of books and publications, Amelia has designed easy-to-understand courses. She has already conducted numerous sessions in 2009. Courses : Looking For Ideal Property, Basic Feng Shui for Beginners & Basic Paht Chee (Ba Zi) For Beginners.

Talks & Seminars
Talks were organized for the Individuals on Introduction to Feng Shui with a snap-shot of Course Outline, and business opportunities. Such previews give them opportunities to find out if the courses are the right one they are looking for. Corporate Talks geared to the specific requirements found warm reception with the corporate world eg banks, realty, automotive, leisure industries.

Feng Shui audits for residential and corporate clients are available at competitive rates. Our full comprehensive reports are accompanied by personalized meeting with Senior Consultant at our Consultation Center.

Feng Shui Wellness Products
Interesting Feng Shui products & publications, with a wide range & variety, are found at our flagship boutique at VivoCity and also at our Tras Street Boutique.

On-Line Services
To reach the internet-savvy customers or those who don’t have time to visit or boutiques, our website at cater for online shopping of products, consultation, courses & talks.

190 Clemenceau Avenue
Level 4, #4-14, Singapore Shopping Centre
Singapore 239924
Tel : (+65) 6327-7368; Fax: (+65) 6376-9918
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