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Feng Shui Russia

First Channel of Russian State TV Ostankino interviews ALEX TAU

Correspondent of Morning TV Show “Morning Star” Ms. Ekaterina Golovina visited Alex Tau at his country house on 11 June 2007.

Ekaterina Golovina
: Mr. Tau, You have a very beautiful house.
Alex Tau : Thank you & Welcome.
E.G. : First of all I wish to congratulate you with reprinting of your book
“ Secrets of Philippine Healers”. I note the circulation of the book is quite big. What year was it published first time?
A.T. : First time it was published in 1995 with 10,000 copies by “Around the World” publishing house. At that time I was working with their magazine “Around the World” and wrote several articles about the Philippines. The book was published in English and appeared in Manila at the same time.
E.G. : Vanity Magazine has named Your book "the most truthful and scientifically exact book about Philippines". To write such book, I suppose you’ve been living long in the country.
A.T. : Right. I lived in the Philippines for many years and kept working in the University . I really love the country much and generally South East Asia. Besides I’ve many friends and students there as well.
E.G. : Mr. Tau, they consider you to be a friend of President Arroyo’s family.
A.T. : ????
E.G. : Isn’t it so?
A.T. : I know Mrs. Arroyo, but I’m not her friend. Though I’ve much respect to her, she did a lot good things for the Philippines. I know very well present Defense Minister Mr. Ebdane and his family. We are friends indeed. They are very nice people.
E.G. : There was gossip circulating in media about special group that was created there to support Mrs. Arroyo for her second term and that you participated there.
A.T. : Who said that? It’s wrong.
E.G. : So it’s not true?
A.T. : Absolutely nothing similar to the reality.
E.G. : You’ve been working with some Philippines broadcast stations.
A.T. : Very short time. Much shorter than my work with Russian radio stations.
E.G. : What were those shows about?
A.T. : I’ve always been fond of extra talents, religions and spiritual growth. Our radio programs were all about that. We really did good work on Radio “HOPE”, Auto Radio with Slava Kirik and Radio-1.
E.G. : Let’s talk about present time. Last year you created the company "WOFS.RU Ltd." and became a representative of Lillian Too in Russia. Your company deals with Feng Shui. Do you believe in Feng Shui?
A.T. : It’s not a matter of belief; it’s a matter of knowledge. I believe in God, I believe in love. Feng Shui is life tool, lifestyle if you want. And it doesn’t require belief. Feng Shui acts regardless of whether you believe or not. This is an objective reality. I feel the effectiveness and help of Feng Shui and so I recommend it to people.
E.G. : When did you get fascinated with Feng Shui?
A.T. : I was working in a very big prestigious company and all was going on very good. But when I moved to the new apartment, everything went wrong, and I went through a wave of bad luck. Then I thought there must be some explanation to this failure. So that was the moment when I got acquainted with Feng Shui and found that all was not right with the feng shui of my apartment.

I’ve used several methods of Lillian and instantly felt significant change for the better. In general, you know, if you correctly apply instruments of Feng Shui, you feel the splendid effect. Results will sometimes immediately reveal themselves.
E.G. : Such changes are often connected with greater expenses.
A.T. : Not necessarily. Usually we already own many instruments of Feng Shui without even knowing this. The Art of Feng Shui in a way teaches people how to use their own possibilities.
E.G. : To get advice from a Feng Shui Master is quite costly.
A.T. : Not always. It depends on conditions. Of course, if a person is lacking time to teach himself how to create good Feng Shui, then he apply for Master’s consultation and that’s right.
E.G. : Lillian Too is considered today to be the most famous Feng Shui Master.
A.T. : It’s really true. Lillian is an absolutely unique person. I’d even say she’s genius. Successful woman who created the style of Feng Shui and introduced millions of people to this art.
E.G. : I’ve read some Malaysian newspapers. It seems that many people are fascinated with Feng Shui there. But there is much influence of Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore. Russia is different, right?
A.T. : Do you deny the influence of Chinese culture on Russia? Ha-ha. Seriously, the popularity of Feng Shui in the modern world is steadily growing, promoted by celebrities, movie stars, leading politicians and thereby there is noted constant rising demand for quality products of Feng Shui: wealth activators, love enhancers, good luck amulets, books and special literature.
E.G. : Do you speak Chinese?
A.T. : No. I know some the most trivial, general phrases to support conversation. Certainly I know some words, describing and interpreting symbols of Feng Shui, that’s all.
E.G. : What languages you are speaking also?
A.T. : I speak English and Tagalog (state language of the Philippines), some Thai, but not much.
E.G. : I heard you are about to start with a Golden Collection soon. Please tell me about that.
A.T. : Yes, we call it GOG or “Gift of Gold”. This exclusive collection is designed by our dear Lillian Too, who introduces splendid gold and silver jewellery to Russian auditory as wealth and luck enhancers. You see, even me, I can’t part myself from my Mantra Ring, which will soon be introduced here as well as other goods.
E.G. : Thank You very much for a very interesting interview. I wish you and your company success, good luck and prosperity.
A.T. : Thank you very much.