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Feng Shui Netherlands

New In The Land Of The Tulips And The Windmills

26 March 2005

Little Green Dragon B.V. has only opened her doors only 3 months ago, and Lynn has already conducted 2 courses, started a internet web store ( and has enquiries from all over Europe, Belgium, Germany, Romania, England, Portugal and Sweden. Lynn is confident that Feng Shui will be accepted by the west.

The website is currently in Dutch, with plans to make it a bi-lingual website. Upon requests Lynn also conducts consultations and talks to associations, schools or just a group of interested public about Feng Shui.

Lynn adopts a "down-to-earth" approach to Feng Shui with simple mindedness and has a following within her town. Lynn conducts simple Feng Shui courses in Dutch and supplements certain subject matters with English and Chinese terminology. She also conducts lessons in English on special requests.

Lynn has done several consultations in the last 2 months with good results and satisfied clients. She often remembers her teacher Lillian Too telling her to "Have fun with Feng Shui!" when she opened her boutique in December 2004, which leads to her friendly approach in her boutique welcoming her guests, treating them like daily friends paying her a visit.

Lynn has come a long way, living in the Netherlands for almost 30 years, making her almost Dutch but yet remaining very Oriental. She has two wonderful sons, Sebastian (22 years) and Remi (19 years) Her husband Carl, is supportive of her goals and helps Lynn in her business/tax administration. She calls her 3 men and their 3 cats in her life "My three Qi Lins!".

Why Feng Shui is important to Lynn is not a secret anymore, especially when the last couple of years Feng Shui has played a crucial role in Lynn’s search for peace of mind and harmony in her hectic life.

With her own World of Feng Shui boutique in Netherlands, Lynn brings the almost 5 thousand year old Chinese science to the western world, to make it a more like "East meets West" quest. Where two cultures integrate and form one mind the result is like yin & yang.

Her motto is: "Do not deny your true identity but supplement your being with a pure heart."

Lynn can be contacted at :-

Little Green Dragon B.V.
Stationsplein 1

Name : Cecilia-Lynn Gerkens-Lim
Tel: 035-6781838
Fax: 035-6783668
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.