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Feng Shui Netherlands

Netherland's First Feng Shui Boutique Is Open!

Bring harmony to yourself.

Pink and gold coloured balloons with heartfelt wishes flew into the skies last Tuesday, Lynn Gerkens-Lim called out loud :May the heavenly God and dragons receive the written messages" during the opening ceremony of Little Green Dragon B.V., her Feng Shui boutique at the Stationsplein 1 in Bussum.

by Dikla Zeidler

Feng Shui seemed like another world than the common sensical, "down-to-earth" type of conscious world the Dutch are used too. But, it can make life more pleasant and perhaps make you richer!, Look at me! Lynn joked.

It is not a religious or spiritual thing, but kind of a basic harmony concept or "Way of life" Lynn said this after having almost 12 years of interest and study in Feng Shui science. It is not "kitsch", art nor fake, it is a way of bringing harmony into your environment and to your own self consciousness.

The Chinese lived with this wise knowledge or method for more than 5000 years in good harmony. There are products sold in the Little Green Dragon World of Feng Shui boutique which symbolises many earthly things like for example attributes representing wealth, prosperity, luck and love.

The basic Feng Shui rules are the principle guidelines to decorate, arrange, organize or furnish your house.

Those interested can attain information over courses/workshops or advice about the Feng Shui methods.

These workshops are available in different categories. For example for the gardener(s), who wants to design a Feng Shui garden, can apply for a professional package. While others can get a simple, basic knowledge of Feng Shui with a shorter elementary course for beginners.


In the south, representing warmth and fire is a place for candles. There are different symbols to depict in each corner. These symbols or energies are not only meant for the home, but also for the personal self being.

When you are born your life has already a destiny, you are ‘fated’. Your ‘book of life to death’ is already written.

Feng (Fong)is wind (air) and Shui (Swe)is water. These two elements, according to the Chinese knowledge are indispensible to survive. Furthermore north is water, south is fire, east is wood, west is metal with earth as the fifth element. These five elements play a crucial role in Feng Shui to make your living more comfortable and harmonious. When one of these elements is missing there may be disharmony/problems in your living. One of the example is the air polution, the humanrace takes too much from the environment and does not replenish, like if you chop down a tree than you have to replant a young tree.

"Lynn’s life motto is Do good unto others and you will receive good"

Gerkens-Lim came to know of Feng Shui during one of her holiday travel when she encountered a delay. She had to wait at the airport and she saw a book about harmony in Feng Shui. One of the books that she bought from Lillian Too intrigued her. Lillian Too wrote many books and is the founder of the worldwide chain of boutiques of World of Feng Shui. Since the opening of the first world of Feng Shui boutique in Kuala Lumpur (Maleisie in January 2001), there are now about 26 official boutiques.

My boutique is the first world of Feng Shui boutique in the Netherlands! Gerkens-Lim called out with pride.

6 years ago she rediscovered this science again, this was when she had tumor in her bladder and had to endure much pain. She got into a dip and was a wreck, she had no reason to live.

Then she received a little book of Feng Shui from her girlfriend. It rekindled her interest. It taught her to tolerate pain and to learn to endure a higher level of pain. That is how I found myself again and started to rearrange my environment.

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