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Feng Shui Netherlands

WOFS Comes To The Netherlands

On a bright Dutch sunny day, yet slightly chilly Tuesday afternoon on the 21st December 2004, Little Green Dragon B.V. beckoned the heavenly dragons to bless the opening of Netherland’s first World of Feng Shui boutique. The town mayor of Bussum Mr. Milo Schoenmaker officiated the opening ceremony. In his opening speech he referred to his own personal experience with Lynn’s advice regarding the sale of his former residence. He is convinced that there is more to heaven and earth.

More than 120 guests came to congratulate Lynn on this happy occasion despite the busy shopping and vacation holidays of the festive season. Lynn cleverly spread her invitations so that those who are on holidays can still visit the boutique after their vacation.
With beautiful balloons in red and gold, lovely music accompanied by the singing bowls to fill the air, Lynn conducted a space clearing ceremony. Almost every guest who attended the opening signed the guest book and was treated to cosy drinks and snacks. Lynn explained a bit about Feng Shui and gave a little speech, ending by quoting Lillian Too: “Have fun with Feng Shui.”

Lynn invited the guests to write their wishes on the balloons and allow the cosmic energies to bring their wishes high up to the sky so that the heavenly dragons may bestow to the sincere well wishes and grant them their wish come true.

Lynn´s husband Carl, together with Remi, their second son, helped Lynn to unveil the red and gold curtain tied with red and gold balloons the beautiful plaque of World of Feng Shui, behind the counter.

As a token of appreciation, Lynn and her assistant Elvira handed to each and every guest a red envelope ‘Ang Pow’. Each red packet contained a good luck coin tied with red thread to a discount voucher.

There was a lot of enthusiasm and interest from all over. The first WOFS boutique in the Netherlands is an asset, and a beautiful one to add. Next to the railway station of the twin towns of Bussum and Naarden, is only 20 minutes by car or train from the big city of Amsterdam and 30 minutes from the national Schiphol airport.

Address :
Little Green Dragon B.V.
Stationsplein 1

Contact :
Name : Cecilia-Lynn Gerkens-Lim
Tel: 035-6781838
Fax: 035-6783668
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