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8 Special Feng Shui Workshops (Auckland)

During the course of 8 weeks, Honey Lim will personally teach on a range of auspicious feng shui topics that are suitable for all levels. It is vital that you try to attend workshops 1 and 2 to ground yourself on the basics of feng shui so that all the other workshops will become easy to understand. If you have read Lillian Too’s feng shui books before, these 2 are optional but we encourage you to attend in order to refresh your memory or clarify your understanding on the basics.

Workshop 1: Feng Shui Fundamentals Part 1

Saturday, 18 Sept 2004 This won’t be a boring lecture on the academic history of feng shui but rather a delightfully fun workshop that will introduce you to its fundamentals in the most entertaining way. You will learn how to recognise and harness good chi and protect yourself against killing chi. This workshop will equip you with instant feng shui principles that you can use the minute you go home!

Workshop 2: Feng Shui Fundamentals Part 2

Saturday, 25 Sept 2004 This entertaining workshop extends on the principles you learnt in Part 1 by introducing you to the Secrets of the Pakua. You will learn how the Pakua alone can be used to harmonise and attract good vibrations to any living space, and how you can use it for personal enhancement and protection. This workshop will also touch on personalising feng shui to yourself and how to get ahead by simply facing good/bad directions.

Workshop 3: Energizing Your Home for Wealth

Saturday, 2 Oct 2004 Learn how to energize your home for wealth and prosperity! This workshop will teach you to recognise wealth-degenerating feng shui ailments and provide you with counter measures to fix these problems. Learn how to activate special wealth spots in your home to create vibrations that attract fortune, and how to organise your dining and working directions to enhance your wealth luck.

Workshop 4: Organising Your Home for Love and Marital Happiness

Saturday, 9 Oct 2004 This workshop is ideal for all single men/women who have been trying to find a mate, or married couples who simply want to add some zing to their love lives! If you are single, this workshop will arm you with effective love-inviting tips and help you identify the perfect feng shui soul mate! For married couples or partners, you will learn how to deal with conflicting feng shui kua numbers, calm quarrels in the bedroom, protect your marriage and create energy in your home that will bring you closer to your mate.

Workshop 5: Jazz Up Your Career with Feng Shui

Saturday, 16 Oct 2004 Calling all working individuals who slog away at work on a daily basis! This workshop will focus on ways to enhance your office and your home for maximum career success. Learn fun and easy tips that will help you gain support from your boss and colleagues, protect yourself from office gossip, and minimise bickering in the workplace. Learn how to energize your living space for recognition and promotion, and how to gain the edge on every business meeting.

Workshop 6: Feng Shui for Children

Saturday, 30 Oct 2004 This workshop is specially tailored for pregnant mothers and/or parents who have babies, toddlers and school-age children. Learn how to organise your children’s rooms in the best way to minimise illness and sleeping problems. Learn how to energise the right areas of the home to enhance their concentration for exams and school performance. Learn how to avoid common bed and desk positions that disadvantage your children’s development and growth, and how to correct them.

Workshop 7: Enhancing Your Business Luck with Feng Shui

Saturday, 6 Nov 2004
This workshop is most suitable for small business owners or anyone who wishes to bring more revenue into their business. A major part of this workshop is devoted to energising for more business and sales. Learn how to activate special areas for mentors and financial support. Learn how to protect your business from undesirable suppliers/ clients. There will also be special tips on how to improve the feng shui of your logo and business cards for success and colours that will enhance productivity in the workplace!

Workshop 8: Feng Shui Secrets for the Period of 8

Saturday, 13 Nov 2004
This special workshop will cover the powerful feng shui topic of the Period of 8 indicating the end of the Period of 7. For the past 20 years (since Feb 4, 1984), the P7 brought prosperity to houses seated in a way that could harness its special wealth and health chi “stars”. Residents of these houses will have seen a steady rise in their wealth and station in lives over these past 20 years.

But now that P7 has ended, the P7 wealth/health chi stars will begin to turn in nature. Instead of bringing prosperity chi, the same stars will turn and bring robbery, accidents and wealth-loss to a home. It is thus vital that you investigate the feng shui of your home to find out whether your home is affected, and how you can harness the good P8 chi stars.

Venue : Dorje Chang Institute 56 Powell Street, Avondale
Time : 9:30 AM – 12.30 PM
Minimum : Workshops 1 to 2 - NZ $48.00 each*
Donation : Workshops 3 to 8 - NZ $68.00 each*

* These workshops are being carried out to raise funds for the Dorje Chang Institute (DCI). ALL course fee proceeds collected for the workshop will be donated to DCI and will be dedicated to the feng shui success of your home and family. The proceeds contributed will create the CAUSE for your good karma to ripen whether in this lifetime or all future lifetimes!

Honey Lim is a graduate of the MCC (Distinction) from the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui. She provides consultations, seminars, workshops and pre-purchase site inspections.

You can reach Honey at Fortune Space Consultants, PO BOX 12101, Wellington;

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Mob: ++ 6421 48 11 88 (anytime before 10pm);

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