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Telecom's New Logo Ready for Period of 8 Feng Shui Success

A company logo is the company's first handshake and from a feng shui viewpoint, it can either make or break a company from day 1! So when last month's telephone bill arrived, I was more than delighted that see that Telecom has finally changed their look for the better! I've been commenting about their unfeng shui friendly logo since I arrived in New Zealand - I wonder whether Theresa's ears must have been burning since then!

by Honey Lim

The New Look

Telecom has unveiled their latest look which features a tri-coloured square box containing the elements of earth, water and wood, side by side with a metal presence. This marks a significant change for the positive, as Telecom enters the period of 8 starting next year.

Telecom's old logo
Telecom's new logo

From a feng shui perspective, Telecom's new logo is a dramatic improvement from their previous one. Telecom's old logo featured a tri-coloured strip of spears which appeared to be stabbing its own self. It implied that despite the company's own colourful and innovative efforts, their initiatives were hurting themselves more than spurring them forward!

What is the Period of 8?

Feng Shui masters worldwide who have studied the advanced methods of feng shui are now preparing for the significant change of "period energy" beginning on Feb 4th, 2004. This is the major highlight in feng shui since the turn of the 21st century - but what does this mean for us and for Telecom?

We are now living in the Period of 7 which is a ruling feng shui time period that began in Feb 4 1984 and will end in Feb 4, 2004 (20 years).

As the new period arrives, those who do not convert the energy of their homes, offices and image from Period of 7 to Period of 8 risk losing their good fortune and power starting Feb 4, 2004.

Let's compare some aspects of the two periods. The number 7 is a metal number, represented by the perfect circle. Over the past 20 years, metal industries and metal objects were the dominant theme of success as seen in the use of metal and the circle shape in architecture, interior decor, the popularity of science fiction, information technology, etc. Corporate logos that featured the silver or gold circle or incorporated the number 7 were said to harness the powerful energies of the Period of 7.

The Period of 8 however, is an Earth number, represented by the perfect square. In the period of 8, the number 8, the colour Yellow/Ochre and the Square shape is lucky. It is the square shape and retro yellow that will become 'in', as will glass, stone and ceramics!

Telecom's new logo incorporates the square in the form of the Trigram "Ken", which coincidently is also the trigram of the mountain of Period of 8! Notice how the lower blocks of growth (green) and wealth (blue) form the two supporting pillars that hold the bridge of stability (yellow/earth) up! This brings powerful meaning - i.e.- all the invested funds and growth efforts they are now putting in will yield significant stability and claim market share!

Trigram KEN

The period of 8 marks the end of the Trigram "Tui" (The Lake) and the new beginning of the Trigram "Ken" (The Mountain). It is a new age that will emphasize on immovability rather than change, favour stability over radicalism, basics over frills, evolution over revolution. It is a time for contemplation and reflection. Its energy is mighty and powerful and is harnessed through the active use of Earth objects, shapes and elements - anything made of Earth - precious stones, gems, crystals, ceramics, porcelain, marble, rock, stones, pebbles, granite and anything square shaped!

Activating the Period of 8 Energy

The only shame is that Telecom has unveiled this logo just a little bit too soon! The period of 8 has not arrived yet, and so the one very important thing that Telecom must do - is to RELAUNCH this logo in full and utter glory AFTER Feb 4th, 2004 in order for it to capture the energy of the new period. Glittering crystals, ceramics, gems and stone should form the theme of the new era. This will be a period that thrive not on metal cables, but fibre optics, ceramic technology, wireless - all earth elements that Period of the Mountain will offer.

Honey Lim is a graduate of the MCC (Distinction) from the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui. She provides consultations, seminars, workshops and pre-purchase site inspections.

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