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Coloring Your Living Room with Feng Shui

Many of us in the northern hemisphere are just getting into summer and now is the perfect time to give your living room a fresh new coat of chi! As for those of you down in the Southern hemisphere, hurry up and finish your renovation before winter comes!

by Honey Lim (April 2003)

Whether you're giving your walls a fresh new coat of paint or wallpapering it, the new energy that you give your walls can affect your environment dramatically. It is vital that you take a moment to think about how your feng shui is affected by your renovation and make good decisions based on sound feng shui principles.

Following feng shui guidelines is as simple as 123! The color of your living room plays the most major role in creating the chi for your home, so here are all the steps you need to get you on your way!

Step 1: Find Out Your Living Room's Compass Sector

One of the most powerful formulas in compass feng shui is the 8 Aspirations Formula. This is the most simple to use and tells you what colors are associated with what directional sector. So before you get started, find out what directional sector your living room is located.

Stand in the centre of your house with your compass. Determine direction your living room is located (from the centre of your home). If it is North, then North is your living room sector. Please note that you need to use a compass to determine this. Guessing the direction based on where the sun sets and rises is not accurate enough.

(See Example on Left) Take the example on the left. Standing on the centre of the house, we find that the Kitchen is in the North sector (direction), the bedroom in the East, the Bathroom is in the Southeast, the Garage in the South and the Living Room is in the West sector of the home.

Step 2 : Choosing the color

Once you know the sector in which your living room is located, you can choose the perfect color for that sector. The table below will explain which colors are suitable for the sector of your home.


Gray, White, Metallic colors (Metal) North, Northwest and West East, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast
Red, Orange, Fuschia, Vermillion (Fire) Southwest, South, Centre, Northeast North, East, Southeast
Cream, Yellow, Beige, Light Brown (Earth) Southwest, Northeast, North, Northwest, Centre South, North
Light or Dark Green (Wood) Southeast, East, South Northeast, Southwest, Centre, North
Blue, Navy, Black (Water) North, Southeast, East South, Northwest, West

Step 3 : Special colors to be Aware and Beware Of

"Safe" colors For The Whole House

Chances are you're like me and not the type of person who likes every different room to be splashed with a different color! So what if you prefer to have the same color for all the rooms so that you can have continuity? If this is the case, then beige or white is your most desirable choice! These are the two "safe" colors which have other good feng shui qualities that outweigh their directional incompatibilities.


Beige or Cream emulates the colors of Earth, which also brings solidity and stability to the household. It occupies 3 directional sectors of the compass, those which govern Marital and Family Relationships, Family Harmony and Wisdom for Children.

White is the most Yang of all colors. It brings the most Yang energy to the household because White energy is the equivalent of 7 different colors of light! White cuts through black, and reflects and magnifies all good things! White is also the color of Metal which occupies 2 directional sectors of the compass. White governs Luck from Heaven or the Divine, and also Health and Longevity.

Cautionary colors

While White and Beige are considered "Safe" colors, Blue and Red are considered cautionary colors! Blue represents Water and Red represents Fire. Both colors only occupy 1 direction in the compass, with Fire in the South and Water in the North. This tells us that a little bit of water and fire goes a long way! When using blue or red, be sure that only 1/9th of your home uses that color. Never give in to the temptation of painting your entire house blue or red!!

Blue is not recommended for the living room because it can symbolise your life drowning. When water covers your head (from floor to ceiling) it means that you've already drowned! The last thing you should ever do is paint your ceiling blue, navy or black. So beware of how much blue to use!



Red is also frowned upon for the living room because it can symbolise your life being burnt in red hot flames! Light or pastel pink is considered alright because light pink is a far cry from smouldering flames and almost looks like beige! This does not mean that you should never have red for a living room, but do ensure that you keep the use of red in your entire home to the bare minimum!


Honey Lim is a graduate of the MCC (Distinction) from the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui. She provides consultations, seminars, workshops and pre-purchase site inspections.

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