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Feng Shui N. Zealand

Feng Shui Goes Kiwi

At 11:30am on the auspicious date of 11th March 2003, a signing ceremony was held between and Fortune Space of New Zealand.

Lillian handing over the franchise agreement to Honey while Jennifer and Patrick look on.

Those present at the event included CEO Jennifer Too, new franchisees Honey Lim and Patrick Tay of Fortune Space, Mr. & Mrs. Valeontis from Australia, and of course the inimitable Lillian Too.

Lillian and Patrick seal the deal with a handshake flanked by Jennifer and Honey.

Fortune Space, the 7th international WOFS franchisee, has been appointed master franchisee for New Zealand, and is committed to developing a string of boutiques in the country through sub-franchising. Its owners, Honey Lim and Patrick Tay, reside in Auckland. Honey is a graduate of the Master’s Consultants Course from the Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui, and Patrick is a manager with the Auckland City Council working on strategic planning for Auckland City’s growth.

L-R: Mrs. Valeontis, Stanley Ng, Janice Chew, Jennifer Too, Lillian Too, Honey Lim, Patrick Tay, Nickque Tan, Mr. Valeontis.

Lillian Too, who was there to officiate the event, expressed excitement that the WOFS global network has arrived in New Zealand: “New Zealand has a lot of “dragons”, which can be seen in its beautiful natural undulating landscape, making it a very lucky country, like Australia.”

Radiant in turquoise, Lillian speaks briefly about Feng Shui in New Zealand.

She also said in her speech that it was her hope that with WOFS, Fortune Space will bring to New Zealand a place where the people can not only purchase all the feng shui products needed to enhance luck and suppress ill fortune, but also to expand their knowledge on the subject.

To date there are eight WOFS boutiques around the globe, with three more to be set up by the end of May, making it a total of 11. Fortune Space will add to this number.