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Landscape Feng Shui of Parliament House - Part 1

Recently I went on NZ Parliament's Tour Programme and to my great amazement and delight I discovered that our Parliament House was built with such great feng shui! The land site formation which surrounds Parliament is most auspicious.

by Honey Lim (November 2002)

As the tour guide walked us through the grounds of parliament and Parliament Library, I could not help but notice how many good fortune symbols were applied in the design and architectural construction of the Parliament House.

No wonder the New Zealand democracy is so established and strong! Symbols of solidity, power, protection and even wealth are evident from floor to ceiling that I have to speculate whether the designers of this building were clued into feng shui!

3 Main Wings of Parliament Buildings

Parliament Buildings consist of 3 main buildings - Parliament House in the centre, the Executive Wing on the left (also known as the BeeHive) and Parliament Library on the right side. Although the Prime Minister and the office of the current ruling party operate from in the Beehive, it is in the centre wing - Parliament House - where the debates of policy and law making is done. Parliament is the symbol of the nation's capital and power and it is here where laws and bills are discussed and passed. Hence it is this building which represents the power of the country.

Parliament House Landscape Feng Shui

The diagram above is available from a pamphlet supplied free of charge by Parliament's Tour Programme. Red text has been added to illustrate the Landscape formations which surround Parliament House. According to classical landscape feng shui, the most auspicious type of land site formation in which to place a building is one where the building is able to tap the support of the Black Turtle Mountain behind, the courage of the Green Dragon mountains on the left and the protection of the White Tiger mountains on the right hand side (inside looking out). The site becomes even more auspicious if it is surrrounded by a river like a Jade Belt embracing the site from the sides. Sites which feature a large open space or a field in front of the building is said to gain from the Bright Hall effect, where all the great good chi settles and accummulates. In modern intepretations of this ancient wisdom, a building's White Tiger, and Green Dragon can represented by adjacent buildings and rivers take the form of roads and highways.

General Site

Examine the landscape feng shui of Parliament House closely, and you will notice how this building was situated in a way which enables it to tap auspicious landscape feng shui! Situated on elevated ground like how ancient palaces were built, the entire site is beautifully fenced and regularly landscaped to heighten the prominence of the building.

A dragon pathway for vehicles to drive through starts from the south gate and curves in an S shape to bring meandering chi through the grounds and then slowly exiting gracefully through the North gate. Outside the fence is Molesworth Street, which brings steady but not fast moving traffic past parliament, representing its auspicious Jade Belt.

Black Turtle

Parliament House is auspiciously situated with Wellington's own solid range of Black Turtle Mountains behind the building. This feature symbolises great support for the government system in all its undertakings by the people. By government I am referring to the system as a whole, and not specifically to any political party. A powerful mountain range behind brings stability and support for the NZ government as a concept. Unlike certain parts of the world where the government is viewed as evil and oppressive, and where there is constant political upheaval and unrest, the existence of this feature brings about acceptance and great support for the idea of a solid government. Even protests will be carried out peacefully as there is overall backing and respect for the establishment. Disagreements are handled in a civilised manner.

Green Dragon

On the left hand side of Parliament House is the Parliament Library, which represents its Green Dragon. In feng shui, the Green Dragon is the celestial animal that brings fortuitous opportunities to the family to attain respect, honour in society and prosperity. This is why babies born in the Dragon year are so treasured and considered a good omen to traditional Chinese families. As the dragon of a government and Members of Parliament, the Library functions as an important provider of key information and research to the MPs that will debate and make decisions that affect the daily lives of every New Zealander.

White Tiger

On the right hand side of Parliament House is the Bee Hive. From a classical feng shui perspective, the placement of the Bee Hive makes it a symbolic representation of Parliament's Protective White Tiger. Where the Dragon produces the fortune, the Tiger protects it from being lost or attacked. In feng shui texts, the White Tiger is akin to the eldest son of a family. It is said that without the White Tiger, the residents of the building suffers from lack of descendants to perpetuate the mandate of the family or protect the wealth of the family fortune. Interpreted for Parliament, it is the White Tiger who will protect and uphold the honour and integrity of the nation's values and economic fortunes so it is really appropriate that the leader of the nation should operate from the Bee Hive!

Parliament in the Early Days

This picture was taken from a pamphlet provided by Parliament's Tour Programme. This is a photo of the building which was used by Parliament in the early days.

New Zealand then was still a very young nation under the colonised control of her Majesty the Queen of England. Notice the magnificent mountain range behind the structure. It is not surprising that NZ has since grown into an independant nation with its own government and own system.

Parliament's Majestic Entrance

Parliament's majestic entrance featuring Roman architectural pillars. The entrance of the building is situated on the far left (outside looking in) of the building although it was originally it was intended to be in the centre if the left wing was ever completed. The plan of building the left wing of parliament (which is where the Bee Hive now stands) was never built and so the entrance remains on the left side. What a stroke of luck as the Feng Shui Flying Star charts reveal that this is a better entrance than if it were situated in the centre of the building!

Did you find this article was interesting? Would you like to hear more? Watch out for Parliament Feng Shui Part 2 - where Honey examines the many Symbols of Good Fortune designed into the building itself!

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