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Feng Shui N. Caledonia


“World of Feng Shui” Debuts in New Caledonia

Bathed by the clear waters at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Nouméa, the cosmopolitan capital of New Caledonia, a distant land located 1,210 kilometers east of Australia, has a new attraction to be discovered in addition to its heavenly beaches and the bright sun... World of Feng Shui store, owned by Christophe Cheung, makes a remarkable presence as the official site for revealing a fascinating journey through this ancient science, which is changing today’s modern world.

Feng Shui, which literally translates as “wind-water”, attracted Christophe’s attention stemming from his work as an architect; his practice set him in front of this fascinating world and the necessity to explore it through various sources; ancient books, modern literature, courses with feng shui masters and his daily practice, which helped him satisfy his relentless thirst for knowledge in this area.

What attracted him most was the possibility to improve all aspects of people’s lives, such as in their career, education, family life, health, love relationships, wealth and standing. He feels greatly fortunate being a feng shui practitioner especially being able to assist others who are also interested in this field. His constant practice has also helped him become more spiritual and to value life from a very different perspective.

Christophe describes the grand opening of his store as the beginning of an exciting journey, which has resulted from extensive and hard work. He welcomes everybody and thanks all his friends who helped him to start this new venture. Says Chris, “A dream has come true, and it is time to replicate this pleasing feeling in other’s lives. Come visit us at WOFS New Caledonia and start enjoying the benefits that feng shui can bring.”

Visit WOFS New Caledonia at 30 Route de la baie des dames, Le Centre Ducos, Nouméa, New Caledonia or contact Christophe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on products and services offered.