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Feng Shui Mexico

Laura Salinas and Betty Pier from AUREUM Feng Shui had a big success in a holistic event

An eager crowd mills around the Aureum booth before the talk.

Laura Salinas introducing the audience to the basics of Feng Shui.

There was a big event in Monterrey, N. L., Mexico on February 25th & 26th, called: "Body, Mind and Spirit". It was featured at the Novotel Hotel. Laura Salinas and Betty Pier are well known professional practitioners in Feng Shui, and were invited to participate as lecturers on this topic. They also had booths at the event.

In Laura Salinas talk on the 26th, she taught the Eight Mansions formula, giving the basis of this formula, how to find one' personal kua, auspicious and inauspicious directions and more. She showed them her big sized Luo Pan from her last trip to Malaysia. The people were very appreciative, because in a very short time they learned how to tap a good location or direction.

Betty Pier talked about Form School on the 25th with a colorful and amusing presentation that kept everybody attentive all times. She made jokes about bed positions with well-chosen illustrations and photographs. Both sessions were full. All the people participated actively with good questions and comments.

The booth had very good Feng Shui also! As they located them near the entrance hallway, they put a fountain, a big poster and a pair of Fu Dogs to counteract it. They added a bouquet of auspicious yellow chrysanthemums and a jade lime tree for prosperity on the other side.

They applied flying star there also… looking for the daily and monthly stars too! In the 2-3 combination, they put a table dressed in a gorgeous gold and red tablecloth. As they wanted to have everything go smoothly, they put a metal Pi Yao in the 5 Yellow location, and for big sales, they activated the number 8 with a transparent hose with shiny lights inside... a beautiful way to introduce fire!

 The post-seminar crowd gathers around the booth to closer examine the products mentioned during the talk.

The main feature of the booth was a very big photo that stopped everybody who entered the show. It was a Lillian's Too photo with her Luo-Pan, and all the people wanted to know about it.

It was another success for Laura Salinas and her group; a lot of people attended the conferences and came to the booth for more.