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Feng Shui Mauritius

Vijayal Sunassee and Malika Kallichurn Deeply Passionate

From Woman to Woman

Text: Michaella Seblin Photos: Jean Paul Mussoodee

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Between Vijayal Sunassee, Consultant in Feng Shui, and Malika Kallichurn, author of recipe books, the conversation is mainly focused on harmony, the love for the culinary art, risk taking and professional careers...

Malika: Can you state whether the practice of Feng Shui is like a magical treatment which works overnight?

Vijayal: I must first of all say that Feng Shui is a science which allows us to live in harmony with our environment. Then, there is the symbolism aspect of Feng Shui which is applied within our built environment. When one practices the science of Feng Shui, it does not mean that there will be miracles, that one will become rich overnight and that all our wishes would come true immediately. NO, there is no miracle. Feng Shui contributes to one third of our luck to succeed in life. By applying Feng Shui practice, we improve our chances to succeed. Let me give you a concrete example of what I mean.
A couple came to see me as the wife could not have any baby after many years of marriage. I visited their house for a Feng Shui Audit and I came to the conclusion that they were both sleeping in their wrong directions based on their dates of birth. We made the necessary modifications in the house to activate descendant’s luck, and finally the lady has had a baby. I must point out here that Feng Shui would not have worked if the couple had medical problems to conceive. On the other hand, it is also true that some people are very lucky in life without applying feng Shui. In Mauritius, there is now a growing tendency for more and more people to apply the science of Feng Shui at the stage of the design of their house or office plans, but they are unwilling to let others know about it. I have done the Feng Shui consultations of many offices, but some bosses do not want it to be known.

Malika: Vijayal was the Head Planner at the Black River District Council. She could have continued with that career, but instead took the risk to leave that job to undertake her own business. Was that easy to do?

Vijayal: I have been a civil servant for 22 years. At the end of the day, I was feeling like being in a straight jacket. I was convinced that I would not allow myself to stay a civil servant until 60. It was my target to retire from the service at 45, but I have had a delay of 5 years on my plan. Today, I am 50 and am very happy to have opened my own consultancy in Town Planning and Feng Shui. I had never thought of my age as being a setback to start on a new career. On the contrary, I viewed it all as a new adventure in life. In fact, it is all the experience acquired over the years which allows me to be a consultant today. In Mauritius, at my age, it is common to say that we have only a few more years to work and then it is retirement time. But I never wanted this. I do not wish to stop working at 60. Today, this is a choice which I have made.

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Vijayal: I would ask him if he would be willing to allow me to advise on how we could “Feng Shui” the country. I would tell him mthat it would allow us to be prosperous, as is the case for Singapore built on that concept.

VIJAYAL Sunassee
After her schooling at the QEC, Vijayal went for further studies in Town and Country Planning in Scotland. With her BSc in hand, she came back to work as Planning Officer at the Ministry of Housing. She stayed there for 10 years before moving to the Black River District Council. Eleven years later, she took a leave without pay to be the Manager of the Hospitality and Property development cluster at the BOI. Since 2008, she has opened her own consultancy office in Planning and Feng Shui. She has followed Feng Shui courses from the Pope of this Science, Lillian Too. Today, she has her Feng Shui shop.