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Feng Shui Mauritius

Energy Harnesser

by Vijayal Sunassee

Newspaper Le Dimanche
7th February 2010

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Formerly a Town Planner in the Public sector, Vijayal Sunassee has retired from the service to devote herself to her passion: Feng Shui. Now a Consultant in that Chinese science , she is now busy harmonizing the elements in order to optimize the movement of energy ….

Thierry Leon

My Childhood
I was born in Port Louis, precisely in “Ward 4”, as is commonly known that area. At that time my family was living at Pouce Street and I went to the primary school Le labourdonnais. I come from a family of two children and I am the eldest. I had a happy childhood, in spite of the very humble conditions we were living in Port Louis. We stayed in a two rooms house and this did not prevent us from being a happy family.

My Schooling
I went to the Queen Elizabeth colleage where I completed my Higher School Certificate.

My Career
Soon after having obtained my HSC certificate, I was employed as a teacher for English and French at patten colleage. I worked there for 6 months before going to Scotland at the age of 19 for studies in Town and Country Planning.I had been inspired to go along that line by my uncle who is a Town Planner. Furthermore, this profession suited my personality as I would hate to work within 4 walls from morning to evening. After five years of studies, with a sandwich year spent in the country in internship, I returned to Mauritius in 1984 to find myself unemployed for two years. I spent these two years doing an internship at the Ministry of Housing and Lands, without any stipend. Not even my transport to go there was paid to me. It was a very difficult period of my life, but finally I was recruited as Town Planner at the Ministry of Housing in 1986.

Among other duties, I had to advise the local authorities, which at that time had no Planners to work for them, on development control matters. Eventually a colleague and myself endeavoured to create posts for planners in local Authorities so that they could deal with their own development control and also to help create jobs in the field of Town planning.

In 1995 I am recruited as Planner at the Black River district council. And there things were quite hectic for me. The elected councilors did their best to make life very difficult for me at work. I had many problems with an ex politician who had not respected the building norms for his own construction. The matter even went to court where he was found guilty.Soon after, early 2005, I was transferred from Black River District council to the Municipal Council of Vacoas Phoenix, and I was also asked to supervise the Municipal Council of Curepipe at the same time. These were the worst moments of my professional career. However, with the change in Government in 2005, I was sent back to my original posting in Black River. But unfortunately, my heart was no longer in the job. I was really fed up with the attitude in the public sector.

“I was disgusted by the Public service. I therefore asked for my early retirement in 2008 to set up my own business”

It is interesting to note that it is still in 2005 that I started getting seriously interested in Feng Shui. After having read many books of Lillian Too on the subject, in May 2005, I went to follow the Master practitioner course in Feng Shui from the most famous Feng Shui Master- Lillian Too, for one week in Malaysia.

In 2006, Government proposed to me to collaborate on the ‘Business facilitation Act”, which I did. After that I was offered a job at the Board Of Investment (BOI). In the meantime, I had the opportunity to follow more courses from Lillian Too and finally in December 2007, an opportunity to open up my first Feng Shui boutique in the new Caudan presented itself.

As I was getting really fed up with my work as a Civil servant, I decided to ask for a leave without pay to set up my own consultancy in Feng Shui and Town Planning.

In 2009,as I was planning to open up a bigger shop in Harbour Front, again opportunity knocked at my door and I accepted a proposal to take up the franchise of World Of Feng Shui . I therefore closed my little boutique in caudan to open up the shop in Harbour Front in June 2009.

My Love Ones
I have now been married for 25 years to Pralad, pharmacist and who is now an executive Director at Scott health. We have 2 children. Dareena, our eldest daughter, is studying publicity and communication in Lyon. Our son Kaveesh is at Lycee labourdonnais.

My Career Now
A s Consultant in Feng Shui, I can say that more and more Mauritians are interested to apply this science and art of living in their environment. We are having more and more customers in our shop and this is why I say that people now are seeking and obtaining a harmonious life through Feng Shui. I am organizing a national conference on the updates of 2010 Feng Shui on the 7th February to cerate an awareness of this science.

After Me
I would like to be remembered as a person who would have contributed to improve the lives of people through Feng Shui