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Year of Golden Tiger Not So ‘Golden’ – Feng Shui Grandmaster

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KOTA KINABALU: Come February 14, we will be entering the Year of the Golden Tiger. However, the outlook for the year is not so ‘golden’, according to world famous Feng Shui grandmaster, Lillian Too.

Too’s advice for those who want to enjoy a good year is to strengthen the water element in their homes.

“This year requires water to be strengthened. Place a spring water feature in the center of your room as this is vital to ensure that good fortune enters your home,” Too told participants of her popular ‘Feng Shui Updates for Year 2010’ workshop on January 31 at the 1Borneo ballroom here.

She also suggested that people carry the water globe key-chain as the amulet compensates for the lack of water in the year chart.

According to Too, the Year of the Tiger (February 4, 2010 to February 4, 2011) is expected to be a very challenging one with plenty of competitive pressures.

“For working professionals, this is a very competitive year and people will be politicking in the office. It is also a very bad year to change jobs. The best protection and enhancement for career luck in 2010 is the dragon tortoise. ” She said.

In a booklet provided to participants of the workshop, she warned that the Star of External Flower Romance indicates the possibility of extramarital affairs but displaying a Rooster with Amethyst Crystal and Fan in the home can prevent infidelity from getting out of hand.

The rooster, she pointed out, will peck away at third party interferences thus making sure that the couple’s relationship stays strong.

Too further disclosed that the outlook for the stock market is good but timing is vital when trading. Investors, she advised, should go for stocks with ‘water’ but must exercise care in the months of September and October.

“Those born in the year of the Monkey are directly in conflict with the Tai Sui or god of the Year who is located in the Northeast direction this year. Therefore you should not sit facing Northeast this year and affected animal signs should carry the Tai Sui talisman Amulet to protect against misfortune,” she stressed.

“Although it is the year of the Tiger, those born in this year is expected to face competitive pressures and intense politicking in the office. They must however believe in themselves and stay optimistic.

“Among the feng shui cures and enhancers for the Tiger are the Tai Sui Plaque which will appease the Grand Duke and bring good luck as well as the Precious Ring Talisman to subdue energies,” she said adding that it will also not be an easy year for those born in the year of the Dragon Sheep.

Those born in the year of the Dragon can expect some jealousy and politicking during the year while the Sheep need to take care of their health.

The Tiger Tooth Dzi will bring wealth and good fortune luck to those born in the Year of the Dragon while the Four Relic Dharmakaya Plaque will remove obstacles and negative karma for those born in the year of the Sheep.

According to her, those born in the Year of the Rat will have a mixed year for wealth and career but excellent prospects in love, marriage, education and examination.

Because the rat is in conflict with the Three Killings, she recommends that those born in this year place the ‘3 Tiger Deities’ in the North part of their home and office.

“They should also carry the Universal Tortoise Amulet as protection against danger and harm,” she said.

For those born in the Year of the Ox, they will enjoy an average year with good career luck as there are new opportunities at work and promotion luck.

Their health luck, however is not so good so they must take steps to remedy and among the feng shui cures and enhancers she suggests are the “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” necklace to clear all obstacles as well as the ‘Antahkarana wu lou’ and the ‘medicine Buddha Dzi’ , for protection against illness and misfortune as well as to enhance good health and longevity.

It will be a good year for those born in the Year of the Snake, Horse and Rooster, Too said and suggested that those born in the Year of the Snake put a Wish Fulfilling Toad in their homes to actualize wealth creation as well as to protect against loss.

For those born in the Year of the Rooster, carry the Good Income Amulet to enhance good income flow while the Horse should have the Fire Gold Talisman in order to overcome conflict energy and to bring harmony luck.

She further stressed on the need to make sure that the enhancers and cures are in the right places so as to reap the benefits.

Another Chinese Zodiac that can expect good luck is the Rabbit but those born in this year must avoid office romances and in order overcome obstacles, they should have the ‘6-rod Victory Banner Windchime’ or the ‘6 Stones circles with amitabha mantra Pendant’ .

The booklet also stated that it will be an average year and mixed year for those born in the year of the Boar and Dog respectively, with the latter having small wealth and success luck.

‘A 9-eye Dzi bead in gold would bring wealth and windfall luck to those born in the Year of the Dog and they should also carry the Bejewelled Mysticknot Keychain for more good fortune and happiness.

“With an average year ahead of them, those born in the Year of the Boar should have the vairocana Plaqueas it can help them overcome dangers and natural disasters,” she said.

Too, in her booklet also said that the outlook for water element business such as fishing, shipping, transport, banking and alcohol is excellent but the situation is not so rosy in business which fall in the earth element such as property, real estate, building construction and hotels.