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Feng Shui Malaysia

World Of Feng Shui boutique re-opens

Date: 11th May 2009

KUCHING: The World Of Feng Shui boutique located at the Wisma Ho Ho Lim in Jalan Abell had its grand re-opening yesterday after its refurbishment.

With that people can now shop for all their Feng Shui needs under one roof and get professional consultations from Feng Shui experts.

Members of the public can also visit their website for an extensive Freng Shui online magazine and resource, for Feng Shui shopping at great prices and for hundreds of auspicious e-cards and screensavers.

They can also call or fax the boutique at 082-259188.

According to its boutique manager Liew Shaw Pin, Feng Shui is an ancient science that has its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the universe, where all things on earth are categorised into five basic elements, and take on implications of positive or negative energy.

The Chinese have used the ancient science of Feng Shui for thousands of years to correct afflictions and enhance good energy in their living spaces and surroundings, as well as to bring them good luck and wealth, he added.

Feng Shui is a science of living environment where the elements and the energies are in harmony, thereby bringing good life to those who reside within that environment.

"Feng Shui is also an art - a skill borne of experience and common sense - he skill of arranging one's immediate living and work space to further strengthen this vital balance and harmony with one's environment." said Liew.

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