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Dragon In A Flat

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 17th
February 2009

Dear Lillian,

I have just bought a new Housing Development Board (HDB) flat in Singapore. From the floor plan I can see that the master-bedroom toilet happens to be in the SE sector of the house.

I am a wood dragon born in 1964. SE 1 is my dragon direction. Would the view of high-rise apartments facing me have an effect?

Also, what should I do other than demolish the toilet as it is against HDB regulations?

I am very worried because I came a long way through hardship and have finally been able to afford a flat for myself.

Another doubt in mind is how to find the facing of the main entrance, eg. sit east face west.

This is a high-rise HDB flat and my main door is situated at one corner of the flat and it faces the main door of the opposite units.

I understand that for high-rise buildings, the main, door is not used to access feng shui vibrations.

I read somewhere that certain windows where the lights and sun come in are used instead to obtain feng shui vibrations.

Please help me to clear my doubts.
Thank you.

Charlotte, Singapore

Dear Charlotte,
Of course you must not do anything against regulations. If your SE direction is occupied by a toilet, what you can do is to activate the area just outside the toilet as this too is part of the SE.

This year this direction also benefits from the number 8 star.

Inside the toilet itself place bright lights to dispel whatever bad chi gets created and you should be fine.

As for facing directions of high rise apartments the big entrance door into the apartment itself should ideally face one of your good luck directions as you use this door daily.

Dear Lillian,
I have been an ardent follower of your books since my parents passed away and over the years I’ve had good advice from you.

I am in a dilemma now and I really need some advice.

I am an Ox (24/04/1973) married to a Dragon (25/05/1976) for five years. The first few years of our marriage proved to be good but after the first two years he started changing and I guess I did too.

Now, it just does not seem to work for me anymore. Sometime early this year I met a Tiger (28/02/1974), and he really cared and spiced up my life and I ended up having an affair.

I really love him but he’s married and he does not consider me more than a friend. I’m now pregnant with his child and I don’t know what to do.

Deep down I feel that I don’t even love my husband that way anymore.

Work wise, I got promoted this year and I had to change my placement.

Now I’m sitting with my back facing northeast and ever since then my sales have dropped tremendously and I do not know what to do.

I need to improve this and make my bosses like me. Can you please help?

Thank you.

Dear Ox,
Oh dear, you really are in a mess, aren’t you?

Someone needs to tell you that when we get married we take on responsibilities, and that in what we do, must consider the well-being of other people.

Okay, so you had an affair; this is forgivable although you must know that this really is cheating and betrayal.

I do not want to make you feel worse than you do already but sometimes feeling remorse is the beginning of true understanding, because you did not just cheat on your husband,. you also caused your lover to cheat on his wife!

Please do not even consider getting rid of the baby as that would compound an already sad situation and get you onto a downward spiral.

Instead, generate feelings of love and let this be the start of your redemption.

You can decide whether or not to let your husband know.

Personally I would, as that would be the honest truth so that he can also decide if both should continue to stay within the marriage.

If you end up becoming a single mother, that would be because of your actions and no amount of feng shui can change this.

We all must live with the results of our actions. This is life.

As you are working, it should not be a financial burden to become a single mother but at least you can live your life knowing you did the virtuous thing.

But make certain it is your lover’s child before having it out with your husband.

If you are lucky to have made a mistake then let things be and learn a lesson. As for your work, if you do your job well, your boss is sure to like you.

Dear Lillian,
I have read your books and follow your advice as it helps me a lot.

I would like to know if it is good or bad to activate the kitchen, for example, if my kitchen is in the S and SW of my house, will it help me to put a phoenix or a horse in the south of the kitchen?

The place where I cook is in the SW in the in the kitchen, so, can I place two candles for romance?

If the fire is there when I cook, would you recommend that the kitchen be activated?

Thank you very much.
Anca Miron

Dear Anca,
There is no need to activate the kitchen with fire energy as there is plenty in the kitchen so there is no need for candles and bright lights here.

But you can if you wish, activate the south of the kitchen with a horse or a phoenix although it would be more meaningful to place these auspicious images in the south of your living room.

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