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Troubled Horse

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 10th
February 2009

Dear Lilian,

I have been visiting your website World Of Feng Shui for over a year. Recently, I registered on your website because I have found it quite helpful.

I need your help on something.

I was born in the year of the horse (1978) and my girlfriend was born in the year of the rat (1984). We started our relationship as a happy, loving couple.

We have been together for four years and changes showed in the last three years where we started to have differences. But recently in planning for marriage the problem has become worse and we easily get upset over small matters.

The gap seems to be getting wider and I wonder if this is due to an age difference or because of clashes between horse and rat. Can my girlfriend and I be together and find happiness after marriage?

They say the horse and goat are good friends but at my workplace there is this girl born in the goat year who is giving me problems with her backbiting and politicking. What can I do about this?

Troubled Horse

Dear Troubled Horse,
You should be happy now that 2008 is over and we are in the new year.

Last year the horse really had a lot of problems in relationships at work and even in marriage for those who are already married.

But this year things have improved considerably so you will definitely see a change both at work and in your relationship with your girlfriend.

However, I need to tell you that in the long run, the horse and rat are conflicting, signs and if you marry this girl you must be prepared for troubles and misunderstandings.

If you love her however, it is possible to work things out and use some feng shui to help you get along but if you are having doubts perhaps it is a good idea to move on. You are still young.

As for work problems with the goat you will find that in 2009 the goat loses chi energy so do not worry.

In fact this year you may even find that instead of giving you problems, the colleague at work could even become your good friend. Be patient.

Dear Lillian,
Since I moved to a new profession earlier this year and decided to work from home, I made big changes in my home according to the main principles of your book.

But when I started to decorate my home last spring (I changed the purpose of the rooms too) I also started to be really discontented in my relationship and finally in summer I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 20 years. I couldn’t really explain my motives to him but I just felt very strongly that I had to do so, that I deserved something better.

I noticed in my bagua map that the southwest corner is almost totally missing in my flat - this part of the house belongs to an upstairs neighbour (a young, loving couple!). Could it be possible that this led to the end of my relationship? It’s strange that it happened after I had become aware of the bagua and had decorated the SW wall with a photo showing an old plaster statue of an embracing couple.

We were not an ideal couple in Chinese astrology but I still wanted to believe we could make it and move together. Now I feel sad and embarrassed at what happened: I should start a new career in this beautiful harmonious home but feel totally alone. Is there any hope for me to find a proper soul mate who would, want to live with me? Now I have replaced the embracing couple photo with a beautiful Kamasutra picture of a loving couple. What else should I do in my home to make the relationship luck better?


Dear Amygdala,
There is no need to feel that you will end up living alone just because you have closed the door to one relationship. It is very brave of you to face the truth and make the break before marriage. Perhaps it really is time to move on seeing that your karma with him has come to an end.

You can activate the SW of your bedroom to activate love chi. Also you can try to use the peach blossom luck technique which is to place a horse image in the south. This brings you the luck of marriage and romance. This is a better way of activating relationship luck.

Dear Lillian,
My career corner is in the north (I am a rooster, born on March 25, 1969) and my success corner is in the north east. The bathroom is also there. I have been off work with an injury for ages.

I’ve tried several recommendations to stop bad luck vibes from the bathroom but things are still not good.

Also, when you talk about career tips, you always mention 'the office'.

Not all of us work in an office. I work in a cinema. How can I apply feng shui at work?

I will probably get fired if I move stuff around.

Your suggestions will he greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear Teresa,
If the cinema is your office then you use directions to improve your feng shui.

Try to face your best directions using the kua formula. If NE is what helps you then face NE when making important decisions or making important phone calls.

Being a rooster, you will find that you have very robust energy this year and this will give you the spirit and the strength to move on to greater and better things.

You will be surprised at what is in store for you if you stay positive and have positive expectations.

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