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Be Thankful

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 13th
January 2009

Dear Lillian,

I am a male fire rooster with kua number 7. Last month I went through hell.

First, I lost my gold chain with a dragon pendant on it.

Then, people who borrowed money from me did not return the money, and I’m still waiting. I am currently unemployed.

Recently my former colleague called me with a job offer in an industry that I have no experience in.

On the other hand, my friend and I have come up with our own business plan. I will have to fork out RM100,000 with a projected net profit of RM25,000 in three months.

I’m undecided on whether to turn down the job offer and continue with the business plan.

Of late I have been feeling down, lonely and sometimes depressed with what has happened to me. I live alone, am single and still love my ex very much. Please provide some direction, and advise me.

Thank you!

Dear Sevargill,
Please do stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.

The past year has not been great for many people and Roosters have had their fair share of bad luck, disappointments and setbacks.

Ask me! I’m a rooster and believe me, last year has been quite a challenge!

Look at the bright side. At least you got a job offer and a business proposal as well so your luck must be turning.

I would say accept the job offer because in your state of mind, you sure are in no state to start a business.

It is likely you could end up fighting with your partners. So the best is to take a deep breath and make a resolution to give your best shot for the job.

For the coming year, use all the remedies and enhancers for the Rooster.

Make sure you attend one of my feng shui extravaganzas (check dates of my world tour on my website and you will know exactly what to do to make 2009 a better year.

Dear Lillian,
I am a student of your master practitioners and water feng shui courses. I have the following questions.

I was told that having two kitchens (dry and wet) in the house will result in the house having two ‘mistresses’.

Is this true?

I have a dry kitchen where my induction stove is and also a wet kitchen with my gas stove there.

Should I remove my induction stove in the dry kitchen and stick to having just a wet kitchen instead?

Right now, I am rebuilding my new house. I realised that the lamp post across the road is almost in the middle of my main door.

What can I do to rectify the situation? My door is facing northeast 2/3. I can’t move the door because all structural work is completed.

Also, if I move it to avoid the lamp, then I’ll face a tree which is just beside the lamp post. What do I do?

Hope you could enlighten me and suggest some solutions.

Mary Tan

Dear Mary,
Firstly, having two kitchens (one wet and one dry) DOES NOT cause the household to have to cope with mistress.

It does not matter whether you have one or two kitchens.

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about either the lamp post or the tree across the road from you.

If this worries you, I suggest you plant some shrubs between your house and the lamp post.

This will dissolve whatever bad energy may be emanating from the lamp post.

Dear Lillian,
I am a fan and I've read your books. I am a water female pig, born in the year 1983, and my kua number is 7.

I am a medical laboratory scientist working in the hospital. My wages are good, but I do wonder whether I'm in the right career for I often find myself quite unhappy at work even though my colleagues are good to me.

Deep down I would like to have my own business relating to something that I truly enjoy, which is writing a good novel and helping people.

However, writing the novel would be quite challenging because English is my second language.

Financial security is also important to me.

I wonder if I will be all right if I were to venture into business.

I am also still single and wonder if there is a man for me in the future.

Thanks Lillian for taking the time to read my email.

Prak Chantha

Dear Prak,
Ah ... you are simply suffering from the blues that hit us occasionally. Having dreams and goals is what gives meaning to our lives so you should rejoice.

Your work is also marvelous because you are in a healing profession. Imagine being paid to do something good for the world. What a great privilege that is, so take joy in your work.

As for writing a novel or advancing your knowledge in feng shui, these are worth while dreams so my suggestion is to get started on actualising those dreams of yours. Get a wish fulfilling jewel from the World Of Feng Shui shop or from my website.

They were popular when we first came out with them. Get one that is white in colour and looks like a big diamond.

These are really excellent items for helping you to actualise your dreams.

Just stare at them each day and pass your thoughts to them and then let the jewel surprise you!

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