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Fishy Matters

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 6th
January 2009

Dear Lillian,

I’m currently in the midst of renovating my new condominium. Rearing fish has always been my hobby since young and so I am setting up a salt water aquarium just inside my entrance.

However, just as you enter you will see a plaster ceiling above with a rectangular hole covered with Koi fish motives in fiberglass. I am also placing a florescent bulb inside to light this up.

Is a Koi motive appropriate above the entrance of a home? There are nine Koi in this motif.

Two are completely gold while the rest are a mix of red, white and black spots. Does this motive mean something? I’m asking this because many common pictures have nine Koi with one black fish.

Please advise.

Thanks and kind regards,
Ashwin Gunasekeran

Dear Ashwin,
Like you, I too am a great fan of keeping fish. I find that gazing into their languid gentle movements is really therapeutic and interacting with them is even more relaxing. Fish also bring abundance to any home and did you know that when you have an indoor pond filled with fish, this drives away potential robbers.

This latter belief is an old wives tale but how many people do you know who have ponds indoors and who got robbed? Probably no one!

However irrespective how auspicious fish in the house can be, they should never be symbolically placed on the ceiling, even as a motif, as this suggests water reaching its zenith which is always regarded as sign of danger.

I would pass on the fish motif above the entrance. It’s a really bad idea.

Dear Lillian,
I am always happy when I read your articles.

Thank you for sharing great tips to enhance one's life.

I’m writing to you today because I am lost and need guidance to help me achieve my desires to excel in life. My life has not been blessed since I was born.

My parents divorced when I was a little boy. I lived my childhood life wandering around looking for a place to stay and enough food to pacify my hunger.

As time went by, things got better. I started a small events company and managed to secure a few decent contracts with a few reputable brands.

However, for the past six to seven months, luck has not been on my side.

I am currently in debt and my small, humble company is not generating the income to feed my family.

I am working as a part-time property agent now, and at the same time running the events business. At times, I feel like giving up on life.

I am desperate for help and I hope you will be able to give me some sound advice on how to improve my current state. Do all the events in my life have anything to do with me being born in the year of a tiger? I am a wood tiger.

How can I improve my wealth, business, family and happiness?

I thank you in advance for your advice.

Thanks heaps!
Dinn Effendy

Dear Dinn,
Well, some of you born in the year of the Tiger really had it rough this year. The good news is that things are really looking up for you in 2009, so hang in there. You must try to stay positive in your attitude and outlook.

If it is any consolation, honestly there are many people in the world today whose lives really have taken a sudden reversal in fortune so please start counting your blessings and make a real effort to stay upbeat.

The good news is that 2009 does show promise of being a good recovery year for many people.

One thing I can advise you to do is to see if you can update your house to become a period 8 house as this is sure to change your luck for the better.

Dear Lillian,
My Kua number is and I am an Ox. During the last couple of years my career and finances have not been good at all. I always suffer from office politics and in the end I am the one who loses the job.

J’ve been unemployed for nine months and I’m trying very hard to find a job. All my money has now drained out. I strongly believe in God, and I think everything is my fault. I have been single for a long time. The person I care about does not keep contact with me on a regular basis although he has been single for a long time too.

I live in a rented flat and would like to have my own house. Is there any possibility of me buying my own house and having a steady job? I really require your advice. Please help.

Kind regards,

Dear RC,
In these troubled times, many are in the same boat as you. Although this does not necessarily make you feel better, all of us really do need to try and brace ourselves for some challenging times ahead. But 2009 is not a bad year. It is, in fact, going to be a relatively stable year where financially and health wise, the situation of the world is sure to get better. And when the recovery does come, it will come sooner and faster than many people think. So, that’s the general scenario taken care of.

As for you, personally the Ox should bring you gold in 2009 if you are sensitive to the energies that create this in your home or around you. Get the image and commit to memory until it becomes part of your subconscious - and being an Ox you are certain to benefit as long as you stay upbeat and positive.

To find yourself a good job, try activating the North by placing a small aquarium with fish swimming actively within. Some colourful guppies should do the job. Just make sure they stay healthy and swim vigorously. This is sure to jumpstart your energy and luck levels.

As for coping with office politics and jealousy, try placing a beautiful Rooster on your desk. The Rooster is an ally of the Ox and is truly excellent for overcoming envious people wanting to harm you.

Also try wearing red as this is one of the best kept secrets for allaying negative and harmful energies sent your way.

There you have it - plenty to think about and plenty to do! Happy 2009!

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