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Feng Shui Malaysia

A Rough Ride For The Horse

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 30th
December 2008

Dear Lillian,

My girlfriend is a Rat (born in 1984) while I am a Horse (born in 1978). Ever since we started our relationship in January, I kept facing problems at work and so resigned.

Since I resigned in July, I have been unable to get a job.

Is there a possibility that there is a clash between both of our signs, or has 2008 been a really bad year for the Horse?

Please kindly advise.
Thank you.

Lost Soul

Dear Lost Soul,
Well I have to say you really are lost — it’s a double whammy of course. The Rat and the Horse are “Zodiac enemies” who bring nothing but bad luck to each other.

So yes, hooking up with your girlfriend is not exactly the luckiest thing for you BUT having said that, the REAL problem is that you are born in the year of the Horse.

In 2008, the horse-born person is so terribly afflicted from a feng shui viewpoint that you should be carrying lots of cures and remedies.

These help ward off all the bad luck hurting you this year — indeed, the Horse-born this year has been hit hard by the five yellow, is affected by confronting the tai sui and also falls prey to the three killings.

All these are negative connotations of a troubled year. Things are sure to improve in 2009, so relax.

Don’t blame your bad luck on your girlfriend as many of the reasons for your misfortune this past year has been due to yourself.

Dear Lillian,
I am a fire sheep born in 1967.

This year, I placed my Dzambhala water fountain in the East of my dining room, following the 2008 almanac. However, I recently read that it would be beneficial for those born in the year of the Sheep to have the Dzambhala placed in the stet direction.

I know my luck is affected this year by Tai Sui and boy, do I really feel it. Therefore, any help, especially financially, will go a long way. Where should I place my Dzambhala water fountain?

Am still eagerly awaiting any advice as to how I can welcome good luck and enhance my fortune for my next birthday next year, 09-09-2009.

Thank you.

Dear Carmela,
You can place the fountain in the East. This year this direction was also very lucky. Activating the East this way is a good way of activating your wealth luck this year.

It is, however, possible that the Tai Sui is causing you some problems this year so you should also place the Pi Yao in the east next to the fountain.

For the Sheep person however, activating the SW with water not only benefits you personally but the SW, being the indirect spirit of the current period of 8, is truly beneficial for bringing wealth luck; so you can try placing the Dzambhala here. By the way, it’s not a fountain but a nine-tier waterfall.

Dear Lillian,
My house is built over the sea. It’s made of wood with a metal roof painted green. I’m working abroad, but life seems so unstable for me — my career, my finances and even my family’s health.

My younger sibling drowned two years ago and this has affected my parents' health.

Our main door faces north. My birthday is Dec 20, 1962 and I’m the breadwinner for the family now. Help me please.

Should I paint my house into an earth element or cure any afflictions with earth elements?

Thank you so much in advance for any help.
Sincerely, Lydia

Dear Lydia,
You say your house is built over the sea. Does this mean your house is on stilts?

If so, then surely you can understand why your life seems so unstable.

It is much better to live on the land — literally — otherwise your finances will always be unstable.

If you cannot get a new house, I suggest you paint your house an earth colour and also keep your home well-lit at all times.

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