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How To Vitalise The Marriage

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 23rd
December 2008

Dear Lillian,

I am a wood snake and my husband is a water tiger. Recently, I’ve been uncertain about my relationship with him, perhaps because he’s been busy with his own things and I've been busy with mine. We do not have time to sit down and talk to each other. I also have problems with his mother - she does not really understand me, and talks behind my back. I’ve a daughter and do not have any son. On the other hand, my mother-in-law has an eldest son with two sons and a daughter. She always talks about their family, and shows a lot of concern for them, especially when we are having dinner together.

I’m very upset and like to seek your opinion about what is wrong.

Please help.
Thank you.
Wood Snake

Dear Wood Snake,
Please, my dear, you must not be so sensitive about an old lady’s ramblings. You know how mothers and mothers-in-law can be critical of everything their sons, daughters and in-laws do.

Even I myself find that I sometimes give voice to frivolous remarks, which can be taken out of context. Then my loved ones end up getting hurt. So, I try to be more careful; but I also tell them and I am telling you now that the best way to treat these kinds of remarks is simply to ignore them. Do not take it to heart and just smile because you have a lovely daughter who probably brings you a great deal of joy and happiness.

In the meantime, your problems with your husband are your own and you need to work through your lack of communication before it develops into something sad. I suggest that you bring out your wedding picture that show you smiling at each other and hang this in the living room to generate the togetherness energy that caused you both to marry in the first place.

Another solution is to go away for a holiday - just the two of you. This usually can do wonders to revitalise a marriage gone sour.

Dear Lillian,
I live in a condominium facing north, which faces two blocks of buildings. The space in-between the buildings have been blocked by a tree. My main door faces west and opens to the dining room and living room. Behind the living room is the balcony. I am wondering whether the arrangement has any effect on the wealth and well being of the occupants?

I heard that a toilet in the northeast of a condominium will hurt the sons living there. How will I ward off any misfortune? What will happen to the sons living in such an arrangement? I would like to move, but have not managed to get another property. Can you help me with some good advice?

Thank you very much
Anna Lim

Dear Anna,
The tree between the two buildings should not affect your luck at all. With the door opening into the living areas, this is fine unless they are directly afflicted by a poison arrow. From what you describe, there does not seem to be any serious problem.

The toilet in the NE is not a big problem, although when the NE is afflicted it does affect the luck of the youngest son.

The solution, however, is very easy - just place a growing plant inside the toilet and this should dispel whatever bad energy is created inside the toilet.

Dear Lillian,
Thank you for making my feng shui life so easy and exciting.

My husband is a Fire Horse (born in 1966) and is a kua 7, while I’m a Water Ox (born in 1973) with kua 6.

We were house-hunting for months. My husband doubted it was possible to find our new home, as I kept limiting our choices due to some feng shui considerations, but we’d finally found and bought our new double-storey home. What a great feeling! It's a bonus that our house number it 88.

We plan to renovate soon and need your advice.

a) The toilets on both floor levels are currently in the south sector of the house. It’s bad for my husband. If I relocate the toilets, is east better? By doing so, will it affect my luck to conceive? I know that to energize our descendant luck, I need to activate the West sector. What about luck for the eldest son and general health for the household?

b) Our staircase and storeroom is in the West sector. What should I do to minimize the suppressing effects? We are both West group persons.

Thank you again for your time and guidance.

Hi there,
Congratulations on finally finding the right house - that’s so important.

There’s no need to relocate the toilets in the south as you are both west group people. Just place three rocks or crystals inside the toilet to counter whatever intangible energy maybe affecting the toilets.

It’s a very good thing that your staircase is in the west as it is a conduit of chi energy. Being in the west will activate your descendant luck so I wouldn’t worry. As for the storeroom, if it is below the staircase make sure you do not place important documents inside here.

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