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Wishing For A Child

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 16th
December 2008

Dear Lillian,

My husband and I were born in the year of the Snake. We got married in February before moving to a north facing house. The master bedroom faces NW and when we sleep, we face east.

As soon as I moved in, I resigned from my job as I was really stressed out. We are into the ninth month of our married life but cannot seem to conceive.

I am very keen to have a child, so is there anything wrong in the way we sleep?

My parents are both Boars. They have been happily married for the past 31 years, and they had me as soon as they got married.

I am sure you can understand my anxiety.

Yours sincerely,
Double Snake

Dear Double Snake,
Oh dear, why do you need to get so stressed out? This is why you are not conceiving. My husband and I tried for 10 years before we successfully conceived my daughter Jennifer. I think it was mainly because we were trying too hard.

As soon as we gave up on the idea of ever having a child - well, that was when she came, so relaxation is a big part in trying to conceive a child.

From a feng shui perspective, it is advisable to sleep with head pointed to your husband’s then yen direction. Since your are both east group people, you should note that your sleeping direction should be either south, north, east or SE. I suggest that you lay to sleep with your head pointed to the SE and try for an Ox child as this would benefit both of you very, very highly.

Next, look for a pink crystal lotus (available in WOFS) and place it in the west of your living room. Also, an elephant with its trunk down helps to bring a child into the family.

Try these ideas and give yourself three months to conceive. I am sure you will be most successful!

You can also look for our powerful mantra rings to wear as these are wish fulfilling rings and they will certainly help you both.

Dear Lillian,

You often mention in your books that one shouldn’t have a water feature on the right hand side of the main door.

As I live in a south-facing house, my main door is located in the centre of the south.

The wealth position for period 8 is in the SW and placing a water feature there will encourage wealth, but right now the SW is on the right hand side of the my main door.

Please help,

Dear Confused,
In your case, it is not a good idea to place the water feature in the SW even though doing so will activate your indirect spirit and this brings wealth for you.

Water, when placed on the right hand side of the main door (inside or outside the house) will cause your husband to develop a roving eye.

So my advice is based on the assumption that your marriage is as important to you as getting rich!

What I can suggest is for you to place the water feature in the SW of your living room, and then to spend time here.

This will work just as well.

Dear Lillian,

Please help me as my situation is so bad that it just can’t get any worse.

I’ve been struggling with jobs and money for, the last four years.

I am a water Rat (born in 1972). My apartment, built in 2000, is facing the NW as is the whole building.

The main door is in the north while the kitchen is NW, the bathroom is in the west and the bedroom is between SW and south.

The living room occupies the rest of the place from the centre to the NE, east and SE. It sits right above the Club House bathroom one floor down.

This floor plan just doesn’t do me any good in terms of finance, career or even relationships.

I sometimes feel hopeless and want to end any life even though I’ve tried so hard to make things work.

I can't afford to find another place right now as my debts are piling everyday.

I read your article about the wealth God Tsai Shen Yeh that you place in the SE of your living room. Should I have him in my place too?

According to my kua number, the SE area is my total loss, so I don’t know if it’s appropriate to have the wealth God there.

Please help this desperate soul.

Dear Natalie,
Do take a deep, long breath.

You have given me the location of all your important rooms but it is not easy for me to offer advice just on this basis.

Instead, can I suggest that if you are indeed so desperate, you should undertake some analysis work yourself.

A great deal of information exists in my books, the Feng Shui World magazine and also on my website

I can, however, answer your specific question on the wealth God Taai Shen Yeh.

I suggest that if you want to invite him into your home, it is a good idea to place him on your coffee table facing the main door outwards.

This helps to pull in the luck from the outside. This should help you improve your financial situation.

Dear Lillian,

Thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us. I have read a lot of your books and used feng shui in my home.

I hope you can help me with this. My son’s kua number is 8 and his good directions are west, SW, NE and NW. These sectors should be activated for success, love, etc. But according to his paht chee, his favourable element is wood, which means the east and SE can be activated. But these two directions are his bad directions.

So do we activate his luck based on his kua number or paht chee?

And if paht chee is the choice, his unfavourable element is water which also represents his wealth. So do we only activate the favourable element and omit the unfavourable element, but in doing so, won’t it affect his wealth? Please tell me how I should activate his luck based on his paht chee.

And dear Lillian, perhaps you can write another book as follow up to your Eight Characters book on how to activate luck, avoid tragedy and avoid illness based on the paht chee reading.

Thanks and best regards

Dear Ellen,
Do note that as a kua 8 person with the west directions favouring him, your son can face any of these directions to attract good fortune to himself. The kua formula helps the personal luck direction this way.

As for the paht chee, this gives you indication of the favourable and unfavourable elements that will help your life. You tell me that your son’s self element is wood but you do not say ‘strong wood’ or ‘weak wood’. It is only when your wood is weak that you need to activate the wood directions. Supposing your wood element is weak you henefit from activating east and SE with water. This does not contradict your kua as that is for you to tap into facing those directions. In feng shui, it is simply important to get things right.

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