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My Life Is Stagnant

Malay Mail
2nd December 2008

Dear Lillian,

This has been a crazy year for me. I am a Water Rabbit (born in 1964) and my husband is a Fire Sheep (born in 1967). Our front door faces southwest; our living room is in the south and our master bedroom is in the west (over a garage). Our young son sleeps in the north part of the house.

We have a small bathroom in the northwest; the dinning room is in the southeast and the kitchen is in the east part of the house. Our house was built in the late 50s and is a period 5 home.

I have had problems at work and with my mental/physical well being since last December. My husband’s work is steady but slowly dying out as the company he works for is not doing well at all.

Please give me some advice as to what would be the best way to improve our feng shui? I bought a small gold camel pendant which I’ve started to wear to symbolically help me through this time.

Thank you so much for your time!

Dear Demetra,
Your home is suffering from tired and stagnating energy and so even though the Rabbit enjoys a good year, your spirit energy is too low for you to truly enjoy the year.

What you need to do is to revitalise the energy of your whole home and if possible change it to period 8. Otherwise, whatever you do will not be effective.

Also, you are living in a SW-facing house and this is such a good orientation to capture period 8 energies, so do make an effort and go for it!

Dear Lillian,
I’m concerned about my career. How do I ensure that it runs well and that I’m recognised at work?

I’m also moving to a new apartment soon. The main entrance (for the whole block) is in the South, while the front door is located in the North quadrant. The problem is that the toilet is in the NW - I found out that this can affect the family luck and keep the breadwinner away. What is your advice? I’m a Dog with a kua number 6.


Dear Rina,
To improve prospects at your career place, can I suggest that you energise your North corner with the presence of a water feature. The best kind is the one I designed with three peaks, where water collects at the base of a simulated waterfall.

You can also place another water feature in the east this year and move it to the
southeast next year. Water in the north brings career luck while water in the east and SE creates long-term feng shui luck. Another way to improve your career luck is to display a monkey on a horse on your desk, this brings recognition and promotion.

If the toilet is in the NW, it creates a negative effect for the patriarch or breadwinner, but it also causes problems for those born in the year of the Dog. So for you; the afflicted NW corner brings a double negative. The only way to correct this problem is to not use this toilet in the NW or better yet, do away with it altogether.

If you find this difficult to do then at least try not to use it as a toilet.

Dear Lillian,
I’ve bought statues of the wealth gods (Tua Peh Kong and Choy San Poh). What’s the best location for them, and can I place them in my bedroom?

Thank you very much.

Dear -W-,
It is best to place them in the living room. Avoid the bedroom as its not a suitable place.


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