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Dismay Leads To Depression

Malay Mail
25th November 2008

Dear Lillian,

I wrote to you earlier this year to ask for help in some health problems for my parents and myself, and you had replied and saved me from feeling depressed.

Unfortunately, my mum is not getting better from her dementia. My married sister often cries as she is irritated by my mum (they stay together), who doesn’t know that she’s irritating people. My niece cannot study properly as a result of the constant quibbles at home.

My dad is the one taking care of her when she is not at day care, but he had a heart attack and is not in the pink of health himself. I’m distracted at work, and that’s worrying me, as I am one of the high fliers at work and I don’t want my reputation to suffer. In fact, just before typing this, I was having a crying spell. Many people tell me I should focus on my work, but you must understand that I worry. I jump each time the phone rings from home as I fear something has gone wrong again.

I have been looking at my feng shui, and, I think the five Yellow is affecting my bedroom, which is located in the south of my apartment I placed a bronze Kuan Kung statue in there, in the hope of dissipating the 5 Yellow.

I have a collection of the Laughing Buddha (about 40 of them in various sizes) which I place in the living room. I place them properly in pedestals and cabinets. Although I am a Catholic, I understand the compassion of the Bodhisattva. Please give me some advice.

Salmon Aidan Lee

Dear Salmon Aidan Lee,
Well, you know by now that crying does not solve things right? My first inclination is to advise you to wear some of my Buddhist-inspired amulets and talismans and get my new Heart Sutra scarf . But I also respect that you are a Catholic. This, however, is sure to help you overcome your depression. If you are afflicted by the five yellow, having the kuan kung does not help. What you need is the five element pagoda, the ones we make have special mantras and they are really powerful in subduing the five yellow.

As for your mother’s dementia, there is unfortunately no cure for this. My mum has Alzheimers, which is even more trying but with patience we have succeeded in making her last years happy and restful. Just remember that when you grow old, you too could be like your mum. Look after her the way she cared for you when you were young. It will do you a world of good in terms of creating good karma so my advice to you is to rejoice!

Dear Lillian,
We had renovated our home to period 8 last year. Our home is facing Southwest 1. There is a triangular roof line opposite our home from our neighbour’s home and also a lamp post. I have placed Fu Dogs at our front door. Is that right?

At the back of our garden is a busy road. We have a brick wall and we made a wooden trellis along the top of the brick wall.

We plant several trees and clematis. The southeast sector and northwest sector are 1/3 missing, while the southwest sector of our home is the garage.

We had an accident four weeks ago - thankfully nobody was injured but, our car needed repairs. My husband has been traveling very far from home for work. He is only home for the weekends.

Please advice me. My husband’s ha number is 8, mine is 2.

Regards, Noo

Dear Noo,
Well done and congratulations. You don’t know how amazing just changing your house period can be.

Don’t worry about the triangular roof across the road. Just get one of my Kalachakra protection plaques and hang it above your front door.

It should effectively ward off the poison arrow effect.

But more importantly, you must build a water feature directly in front of your house - as this is what will bring you amazing good wealth luck and also protection from accidents and misfortunes. You also need to hang amulets in the car.

Please go to our shop and get all the amulets for your car and for your husband to carry.
Meanwhile, do take a family picture with your husband and hang it in the NW of your living area. Make sure you are both smiling and happy.

This will bring him home more often and help him get a job that makes him stay at home more.

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