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Reaping The Best Of Study Luck

Malay Mail
18th November 2008

Dear Lillian,

My son has just started school so I would like to position his desk at home in a way that would help him in his studies. He was born on Dec 18, 2001.

He shares his bedroom with his sister. The main door of our house is facing southeast, the childrens’ bedroom is in the north-northeast-east segments of the house.

I know the best direction to face for my son is the SW, but at the moment the desk is facing SE to support his back against a wall.

Is that ok? Or would it be better for him to face SW (to reap his study luck) despite the fact that in this way he cannot be backed by the wall?

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Dear Eszter,
Your son is a West group boy and letting him face the SE is his worst direction.

Your house also faces SE so your son’s luck is going to suffer.

My advice is for him to face SW as this is his best direction and also to sleep with his head pointed to the SW.

You should make a real effort to do this - otherwise he is sure to be adversely affected.

Dear Lillian,
We live in a Period 7, E3 (112.5°) condo. My spouse’s birthdate is Aug 15, 1935 (kua no. 2); mine is March 25, 1943 (kua no.3). The missing corner is in our SW sector (dining room). The wall affected is the west wall which also shares a neighbour’s bathroom. Is it alright for me to install a wall mirror that is six feet, which is higher than my son’s height?

In the master bedroom, the missing corner is in our NW sector and the wall also shares a neighbour’s toilet. Because of space constraints, we can only use the west wall and the NW corner for our bed space (west is my Chueh Ming; NW is my Wu Kwei). If I paint the west wall red, will it kill my husband’s energy? Can we nail in another wall to cover and paint it white for metal? Can I still hang six sets of six-rod windchimes? Which is a better direction to place our bed in, the west wall or NW corner (at an angle)? I really hope that you will help us.

Lourdes A. Ching

Dear Lourdes,
Try giving your bedroom a complete change of energy as this is sure to help matters. Since the NW is a corner you can work with, when you activate it, it will benefit your husband and also help you welcome in the energies of period 8.

That will be useful for you and also for everyone else for the coming years as we are entering very trying times.

As to the mirror in the SW sector, installing a minor here will negate the effects of the neighbour's toilet. With regards to the NW sector, may I suggest that you place a screen between the bed and wall although sleeping in another bedroom might make more sense. It can be harmful sleeping with your head pointed to your Chueh Ming. As to painting the wall red, it is not a good idea, not in the bedroom and especially not in the NW. It will instantly cause hurt to your husband. As for hanging windchimes, you can do this. As for the bed in the, west wall or NW corner, both are bad angles but the Chueh Ming is more harmful than the five ghosts.

Dear Lillian,
It seems that since we moved into our current house three years ago, we have been facing many legal issues, including a lawsuit that I’m hoping to settle out of court.

My house is a period 7 house facing NE/SW, while the main door is on the NW. There is a bathroom with a toilet above the main door. After reading all your books we never use that particular bathroom. I try to turn on the lights in the bathroom when I remember. The other three bathrooms are located on the SE side of the house on both levels.

I placed six-rod windchimes in the bathrooms, a water feature in the east of my living room with the golden dragon next to the water. I also placed two toads in the living room and one by the entry hall facing the main entrance.

I was born in the year of the Sheep (1967) and my husband was born in the Snake year (1965). I know we should change our house to a period 8 based on our facing/seating direction. However, due to our financial situation, we can’t afford to remodel our house.

Separately, my husband didn’t get the position he applied for at work. My questions are, what else can I do to get us out of unfortunate tangles? What kind of enhancers can I use?

Thank you in advance for your advice, I really appreciate it.

Concerned Sheep

Dear Concerned Sheep,
The fact that you are in a SW/NE house tells me that you are really wasting your good luck for period 8. This is a direction which has double of a very afflictive combination. Anyone living in this kind of orientation, if they do not change to period 8, is sure to suffer set backs and lots of bad luck.

In your case, it is a court case so I suspect that you are also being hit by the quarrelsome litigation star of 3. The remedy for your court case is to wear lots of red and to place the Ksiddhigarbha’s fireball in the west corner of your living room. This is one of the most effective ways of subduing the luck that brings court cases.

If this is not solved by next year, make sure you get the flaming sword cure to suppress this bad luck.

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