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Money Woes and Feng Shui Blues

Malay Mail
11th November 2008

Dear Lillian,

I HAVE lots of problems that need your guidance and help.

My sisters and I used to fall sick all the time until we changed our bedroom positions. After that, I started believing in feng shui.

Right now, my family is suffering from serious, financial problems. My sister and I are helping our father settle his debts after his business failed. I have worked for almost five years but every month I cannot save because I have to pay for household expenses. Although now we’ve paid off most of our debts, I’m really worried about where we stand financially.

My father is now a taxi driver and a vendor. He delivers newspapers in the morning and drives a taxi till late at night.

It makes me sad to see my father suffering when he has to work all day non-stop. I really wish that my parents have more time to rest together as they are already in their 50s.

Because of the debts, my youngest sister, who is 22, cannot afford to continue her studies in college.

Lillian, can you guide me on how to help my father to get more customers in his business?

How do I enhance my wealth luck (lottery)?. I want to start my own business too as a freelance graphic designer.

Patricia Kaliamani

My very dear child,
OF COURSE I will help you. I am so impressed by your attitude towards your parents.

You are right - they work so hard for you and your sister that anything you can do to ease their burden is sure to be a welcome respite for them.

Please send us your address and I will send you a basket full of feng shui goodies. Here is what I will give you:

  1. A special amulet for your father to carry in the taxi, which will keep him safe and also attract good taxi customers.
  2. A 9-level waterfall feature to put in the North part of your living room. This will help ALL of you to improve your financial situations.
  3. A wu lou for your parents bedroom so they stay healthy and strong.
  4. For you, we will send a special scarf which will help you do better in your
    work as a freelance graphic designer - a heart sutra scarf.
  5. Finally, we will send you a book of mine called Basic Feng Shui to teach you a little more about feng shui and its great potential to help you.

Dear Lillian,
I WAS born in the year of the Water Pig and my boyfriend in the year of the Fire Snake. According to fortune tellers, we are not supposed to be together as we will not get along.

True enough, we always quarrel. Small issues erupt into big ones, and our arguments almost involve violence.

We’ve been together for almost a year now - we are not willing to let go of this relationship because we really love each other.

Can you advise us on how to improve our relationship? Many fortune tellers tell us that separation is only a matter of time.

Happy Nat

Dear Nat,
Not only are your astrological signs completely incompatible, your elements are also in conflict.

I want to tell you that someone very, very dear to me (a Snake) once dated a Boar, just like you. The guy was a very sweet person - in fact, I am sure he would have made a good husband, so I refrained from advising them to break off.

After dating for three years, I realised that they were only making each other unhappy - that was when I told them to break off.

They did, and now they are both happily married to others more suited to their signs and they stay good friends.

So carry on if you wish, but in the end it is better to let go of each other.

Dear Lillian,
I AM pregnant with my first child. My husband is nine years younger than I am. We were not financially ready, and not planning oh conceiving. The baby is due this month. I’m born in the Tiger year (1974) and my husband is born in the Pig Year (1983, age 25).

My husband does not earn much as a telesales representative. His basic, salary is only RM1,500 although he earns his commission in US dollars.

His job is to make phone calls to foreign corporate clients to sell F1 Grand Prix packages. So far, sales have been low. How can my husband enhance his wealth luck?

We are both very worried as we need the cash to support the baby, and for labour and confinement fees. He is very stressed now so I gave him a crystal Golden Pyrite ball, a seashell fossil and a blue aquamarine pendant (his birthstone) but they haven’t helped.

I recently bought a growing Pyrite crystal, three Chinese coins from a temple and a pair of tortoise. Recently, I had a fight with my hubby. He was not willing to take the crystals to work initially, as he is a very “egoistic” person. I got angry and emotional, then threw all these items into the bin in our bedroom. Now, the tortoise is chipped, the growing crystal had a few bits broken (but it will grow back), while the three coins are intact. Will throwing these crystal into the bin bring bad luck even though the bin only contains paper? If yes, how do I bring back the good luck charm of these crystals? Please help us, Lillian.

Best regards,

Dear Elaine,
WHO ever told you growing crystals is good feng shui and that it will bring you wealth? This is the problem - people believe anything and everything! Firstly not all crystals are good, and secondly they must be placed correctly. Thirdly, each year the energies change and we need to carry amulets and place auspicious objects that are in sync with the energies of the year.

So here is what I suggest. Please throw out all the crystals you have bought - they probably come with energy that is at odds with your energy. Then get a water feature and place it in the north of your living room - this will help your husband land some sales. Next, get him the 2008 and 2009 annual amulet - the one I designed and which you can get from our Mid Valley superstore. These are inexpensive but they work much better.

Crystals are mainly for relationship luck and for wisdom-enhancing luck but they must be placed correctly, otherwise they will energise the negativities and afflictive energies of feng shui. Location is very important. You must be very careful using crystals. I will write more about this in my Chinese New Year edition of Feng Shui World magazine.

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