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Malay Mail
Tuesday, 21st October 2008

Dear Lillian,

I was born in 1966. I have not married and have not had a boyfriend for almost six years.

I tried every feng shui tip in the book but did not find luck. I went to see a feng shui master and he did give me some tips. He told me to put a rose in every corner of my bedroom with a rooster; horse and another animal that I forgot about. All this did not work.

Am I destined to be alone? I remember that when I was about 20 years old, I went to a psychic and he told me that no man would ever marry me - they would all just want to bed me.

I am in a state of distress and have been depressed for a few months now. I feel that my situation is bringing me down, and affecting other parts of my life. Right now, I don’t even like the place that I work in.

Is there anything that I can do to bring love into my life? I live by myself in an apartment.

Please give me some advice so I can have the happy life that I’ve been searching for, although feel it may be too late.


Dear Karuna,
First of all, I would suggest a change of environment. Please revitalise the energy of your living space and even better, move to another house, one that faces your good directions and make sure that neither the SW nor the NW of your home is missing. You also should not have a toilet located in the SW or NW of your home. If you do, make sure that the door is kept closed and you use an alternate toilet, instead.

These are the two crucial sections of any home and if they are missing this can cause severe problems like the one you are facing - a lack of love and family luck. Placing these symbols that you mention can only work if they are placed the correct way and in the right locations.

From the way you describe what you do, you are not taking the cures and enhancers seriously, so it is likely you are doing it wrong.

Do make an effort to do things properly. Make sure you get a good compass and take proper directions so that you can place your love enhancers in a loving way.

Also, do something to enhance your mood. Make sure your house feels happy, play lots of happy music and give yourself a makeover if you want to attract a husband.

You must make sure you look attractive and make yourself personable and you will be able to attract someone.

Whether the guy wants to sleep with you or not is not the point.

Do not be too old fashioned or too much of a prude - you cannot hope to catch a man that way.

Dear Lillian,
I was born in the year of the Ox and I have just bought a new semi-detached house which will be ready next year. I need your advice on some of these areas.

1. My house faces north and the main door opens in the north-east.
2. The master bedroom is facing north with the master bath in the north-east.
3. The dry kitchen is facing east whereas the wet kitchen is separated and sits in the south sector.
4. The living hall is in the north and north-west sector with the dinning hall in the centre and west sector of the house.

Please tell me whether it is good to have a fountain on the NE sector of the front portion facing the main door.


Dear Sam,
It is better to have a water feature, rather than a fountain, in the north but within view of the main door. This brings growth luck and is good for the house.

Having a fountain does not do much good in terms of bringing prosperity luck as it is more suitable as a water cure rather than as a water enhancer.

When using water it is always a good idea to have knowledge of the different kinds of water features.

If you are thinking of moving in next year you should also know that in 2009 the NE is afflicted by the quarrelsome star while the north is affected by the five yellow which brings misfortune.

So I suggest that you choose the date of entering the house carefully and also put the cures for these afflictions in place before you move in.

Otherwise the moving in process will cause aggravation and there could also be hostility, obstacles and misunderstandings.

The dining hall in the centre of the house is excellent and it is a good idea to enhance this with a wall mirror.

Dear Lillian,
Both my husband I were born in 1978 so the horse is our animal sign. We live with my parents and stay in the room that was mine since I was a child. This room is a bedroom and an office for us. We have a fish tank and a computer in it.

The room is placed in the SW corner of the home. I read that we can’t put a fish tank and a computer in the bedroom.

Is it possible to separate the room in two parts with a screen to divide the bedroom and the office? Right now we have many problems.

It seems that we just can’t save money no matter how hard we try. We also feel that the room is suffocating. Please tell me what to do.

Thank you very much,

Dear Carmen,
Let me suggest how you can improve things. Get rid of the bed and get a sofa bed instead. At night you can use the room as a bedroom and in the daytime you can use it as an office by folding up the bed.

This way you will find things improving immediately. Do get rid of the fish tank as having something like this in the bedroom usually results in a depletion of income and energy.

No matter how much you make, you will somehow not be able to save, so put the fish tank in the living room. As for the computer, make sure it does not face the bed, at night when you sleep.

Also open the windows in the daytime to allow fresh chi to enter the room as this is sure to make a difference.

Once the energy starts to move you will feel a great difference and don’t forget to keep your room clean and tidy.

Get rid of clutter and perhaps even change the curtains or blinds.

For good measure give your room a new coat of paint!

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