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"Why Can't I Have A Baby?"

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 7th October 2008

Dear Lillian,

I really need your help. I have had three miscarriages and all my pregnancies were natural. Doctors have no answers as to why this has been happening.

My kua number is 2 and my husband’s kua number is 6. We live in a house (No. 106) which has a long steep driveway and is surrounded by lush green trees and lots of wooded areas. A friend who is a healer told me that there is a Native American stone site in the woods within our backyard. I have not seen it.

Our house faces north and the garage faces east. We have wooded areas in the north, east, south and west. Everyone who comes to our home says it’s a beautiful home.

Our master bedroom is on the first floor, towards the southwest side of the house. Our bed’s headboard is on the west wall. The master bedroom ceiling, is not square, it’s L-shaped because of a closet, and bathroom.

On the ground floor, we have a family room on the southwest side, and huge French windows on the west side. Recently I put a running elephant painting on each side of the wall next to the French windows. There is nothing above the family room and garage.

I am a reiki healer and do reiki healing for others but I am still longing to have a baby. When the miscarriages happened, I saw two snakes in our garden and a baby hawk above our home. There was an oak free leaning all the way to our bedroom window from the front and we got it cut after the third miscarriage.

We have an embroidered painting of 100 children that I kept for some time in our bedroom but later relocated to the west wall of the family room. We also had pictures of a waterlily and snow fountain cherry tree in our bedroom which I re­moved after my third miscarriage.

I look forward to hearing from you. I live in Massachusetts.

Love, Sonia

Dear Sonia,
I read through your letter very carefully and could not find anything that I could put my finger on that might be causing you to have your miscarriages.

The only thing I was not sure of was the running elephant on the west wall. Better to have elephants that are still and with trunks down as the west wall is where the descendant’s luck is. Perhaps you can place a pink crystal lotus on the west wall and try sleeping in a more regular shaped room. If this is not possible, try changing the energy of the bedroom by using fragrant incense energy to symbolically cleanse the room. Move the bed out a few inches and then move it back again.

Since you claimed that you saw two snakes and a hawk during the miscarriages, may I also suggest that you place protectors by your front door entrance into the home - a pair of fu dogs might be good. And then place some protectors at the back of the house - such as a tortoise.

On the right side of your house (outside) place a small white tiger and on your left side, place a green dragon. These protectors should help you keep your baby safe.

You should also visit to look for my house protection plaque. This is a red plaque which has two powerful mantras and a kalachakra symbol. Hanging this above your front door would be the best way to protect you and your family.


Dear Lillian
At my boss’ instruction, we renovated the office below our main office into a “house” so that every time he’s here he need not stay in a hotel since he needs to shuffle to and from Shanghai to work on an ongoing project.

His wife-to-be claimed that lately, their relationship has not been going smoothly as he’s staying in the “house” where the kitchen is directly under the office’s female toilet. We were asked to hang four wooden wu lou at each corner of the toilet ceiling. The next day, she said the hob had to be taken out as there shouldn’t be fire or cooking there according to her feng shui master. My boss is a dog, born in 1958. Would appreciate if you could tell us if what we’ve done is right before things get worse.

Thanks, YSL

Well, definitely having the kitchen directly under a toi­let is bad luck. So that has to be changed. Hanging a wu louis not going to help. You need to move the kitchen. Perhaps you can take a look at the plan and see how ‘the kitchen can be relocated otherwise your boss’s future wife is sure to keep on com­plaining.

Dear Lillian
I am a Water Ox, born in 1974. My wife was born in 1979 and is a Sheep. We got married recently. I had to do it as this was an arranged marriage but later found out in your book that Ox and Sheep are incompatible. We quarrel often and I seem to have no regard for my wife though she is kind towards me. How can we create compatibility? We are both east group people. I want to improve my wife’s career too, she works in an educational institution that pays too little. She gives regular tuition but has few students.

How can I help her? We are sleeping in the north bedroom of the house.

Sushant Singli

Dear Sushant Singh,
Mr Ox, you sound like a controlling man. At one point, you want your wife to earn more, bring in more money, get a better job but then you said you cannot be kind to her although she is kind to you and you blame astrological incompatibility for all this?

Actually I think that maybe you should examine  yourself. Perhaps you should just make a better effort to appreciate your wife, rather than find fault with her.

In the meantime, I suggest that you now enhance the SW corner of your house with a bright light. This is sure to bring better luck to your wife and perhaps that will make you happier with her.

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