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Despair Not, Even The Dragon Lady Finds Love

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 30th September 2008

Dear Lillian

I am a lady Fire Dragon, born in 1976. Hence my kua number is 9 and I experienced the worst of luck last month but when I read the Dragon Book. I saw to my surprise that you predicted it. Whilst I was skeptical about Feng Shui previously, I am impressed with how accurate your book is.

On another note, I have been in the same career forthe last five years and am open to something else. What do you suggest? At this point of time, I am working as an accountant.

Next, being unmarried, I would like to know if I will ever meet my soul mate in this lifetime? Yes, being the most arrogant, vile tempered animal in the Chinese horoscope, my temper is exactly like that too. I have been told to mellow down and I have been controlling my temper for sometime now.

Lady Fire Dragon

Dear Lady Fire Dragon
Well, I have good news for you. After some years of pretty mediocre luck, your life is about to change for the better both in the area of romance and also in your work. Dragons are not meant to be bean counters and auditors. So it is not a good idea to stay an accountant all your life. Instead you should use your knowledge to think about becoming an entrepreneur or to start something on your own. Or, you can work in a large company in the area of corporate finance. Dragons have the luck to do big things so it is an excellent idea to try and transform your arrogance into worthwhile pursuits. So do go out there and be dynamic.

In the coming year of the Ox, the Dragon born will enjoy some pretty good stars — there is good money luck and all kinds of opportunities are coming your way so stay open to possibilities.

Don’t feel bad about your temper; just don’t hurt people and don’t be rude. Try to be more patient but keep the passion.


Dear Lillian

I could really do with your expertise on two matters.

My father, a Horse with kua 4 has his office in the east of the house. He has so far been facing east and I want him to try facing north instead.

Is this dangerous this year?

To celebrate my mother’s 60th and my father’s 65th birthday, my parents are having a big party with many guests and loud music in a marquee in the garden this year. The marquee has to be placed in the south part of the garden. Will this be dangerous for them? What can be used as a cure?

Best regards,

Dear Joachim
Why do you want him to face north? He is better off this year facing east as the auspicious star 8 is in the east. In any case north is not a good direction to face next year so I think if he is tapping east he can do so.

Next year, ask him to face SE. As to your second question the answer is yes. The south is terribly afflicted this year and it is better if you do not disturb it. To hold a party with so much music in the south is really asking for trouble.

Dear Lillian
Greetings of prosperity and peace!

I was born in the year of the Earth Sheep and I am experiencing some difficulties in career and finances. I am one of the bread winners of the family. My younger sister is a Metal Rooster and my other younger sister is a Fire Tiger. They also help to run the house financially. I feel that my finances are being drained like water. I have worn a pi yao bracelet and 21-eyed, five-eyed, six-eyed, and seven-eyed DZI beads to enhance my wealth. I have also displayed a pi yao in the living room side by side with a dragon tortoise on a bed of money and put a water feature in the southeast of the house since that is the area of wealth. But still, my money goes out easily. I really need your help to control my money flow and improve my financial status.

I work as a quality analyst in a call centre. I am too stressed and unfulfilled at work to the point where I feel I need to work just for the sake of money but I am not enjoying it. My kua number is 3 and my work station is facing east. I am facing a wall, so to remedy that, I put a picture of flying phoenixes for better opportunities and a picture of an open field to create a feeling of not being blocked from opportunities. I would like to change jobs early next year since I feel I am not grow big in my current one.

I don’t know what to do. It seems that I have observed and practiced the necessary measures to enhance my luck this year but I feel I need to do more. I am also worrying that next year, the year of the Ox will not be my lucky year.


Dear Rafael
You are not experiencing difficulties as much as feeling dissatisfaction.

You are not happy at work and you do not like your job.

This is not due to bad feng shui as what you need to do is change your job.

You need to look for a higher paying job and you need to find something you like doing. Most of the time this is the problem with young people who are not clear as to what is really making them unhappy and dissatisfied.

My advice is not to depend completely on feng shui. You must also think carefully about what will make you happy and create a plan to find work that will make you happy...

Your phoenix and DZI beads will start working for you once you are focused and clear as to what you want.

You are already very lucky that your sisters are there, for you and helping you. They can easily refuse to help you, so really, your feng shui is not bad.

To activate your career luck I suggest that you place a water feature in the north. This will jump start your job search and bring you some possibilities that will improve your work luck.

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