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Cracked Headboard And A Broken Heart

Malay Mail
Tuesday, 23rd September 2008

Dear Lillian,

I have always been interested in feng shui because I believe it plays a part in the ups and downs of our daily life. Recently, my love life took a huge downturn. My girlfriend left me after being with me for many years. I had happily thought that she would be the woman I could settle down with. Probably, this was because I somehow took her for granted, I know our life is made up of different kinds of luck; one-third earth luck, one-third human luck and one­third feng shui.

Some people told me that we are probably not fated to be together. Should we just leave everything to fate and destiny and do nothing about it? Can feng shui overcome destiny? I don’t like the feeling of surrendering my life to destiny even though I know not everyone can be Bill Gates.

Will a couple who seem to be a match made in heaven still end up divorced because of bad feng shui? I am reluctant to see this as a reason for the end of my relationship with her as we were a loving couple in our first few years. She is an Ox and I am a Rat — a combination which is supposed to be compatible as we are ‘secret friends’. I need to know what I can do personally to change my life and improve my love luck with her? I want her back. My world is dead and colorless without her.

Lastly, my bed’s headboard is cracked, I wonder if this may have caused bad feng shui although the bed is still quite new? Is this why my career has not been going well although 2008 should be a good year for a rat. What kind of work is suitable for a rat? My kua is 7, I hope you can answer my burning questions.

Thanks a lot.
Mr Burning Q

Dear Mr Burning Q,
Well my dear I am really glad you got it off your chest. You sound so sad and I hope that I can help you. First of all please let me say that I do not believe that we cannot change our life. Indeed we definitely can! This is something I believe in with all my heart that we have the power to improve our life, improve our relationships and do anything we set our hearts to do. Feng shui helps and can give us the vital edge but more than feng shui is our determination and passion to pursue what we want ... so if you wish to win your girlfriend back you definitely can.

You have the advantage of both being extremely compatible and very good for each other. The Rat and the Ox can make lovely music together and have the potential to be very happy so this is what I advise. First change your bed. Oh my! A cracked headboard! It brings enormous bad luck to your love life; your happiness and your career. Next, after you have changed your bed, send her flowers and call her. Be humble. Tell her how wrong you have been and beg her to take you back. Be persistent and win her heart — you must also let her know that your intentions are honorable and that you want her to share your life. Maybe the reason she broke off is that she does not see a future with you, so set this right in your mind. Make a commitment to her and then see if she will give you another chance. Good luck!


Dear Lillian,
I am trying to organize my surroundings according to the feng shui tips in your book. What type of feng shui school should I start with? My kua number is 1, so should I follow the tips concerning kua no.1 or should I use the Pa Kua method?

My main problem is that I can’t find my place in life. After working in different places, I have now moved back to my parent’s house and am now working in a nearby factory. The main doors of the house face NW but this is just for visitors. Instead, my family uses a door via the garage, which faces SW. My room is a small one located in the SE on the first floor.

I am sure there’s a problem in my house, as even my sister who is in the midst of a divorce, faces similar problems. We both cannot find the right partners and have, had a hard time with money. What can I do? 

Thank you, Kathy

Dear Kathy
You should make a difference between using feng shui to improve your living space to benefit everyone in the house, and using feng shui for yourself, personally.

The kua formula, which determines your auspicious and unlucky directions, is meant to benefit you personally. Always sit, sleep and face your lucky directions and avoid your unlucky directions and you will be using this personalized feng shui formula.

When it comes to your house, you should use the formulas that directly help you to arrange your space according to recommendations for the different directions. For your benefit, use the guidelines indicated by your kua number. For your house use the eight sides of the Pa Kua to arrange your space. As for your main door, both the NW and SW directions mentioned by you are West group directions that benefit West group people. Since your Kua number is 1 they are not so good for you. But your room is located in the SE so it is excellent for you as this is an East group location and you are an East group person.

Check if there is a toilet in the SW of your house or whether the SW corner is missing, as this is usually the reason why single people living within the house cannot find romance. As for money this can be due to any number of reasons. It is better you read one of my books on wealth feng shui to go through what can be wrong with your house in the area of finance.

Dear Lillian,
We really need your help for next year’s remedies. Our house is sitting South facing North2 (we live on the 19th floor and our big window is facing North), our main door faces West.

Our South area has a toilet and a kitchen, but the stove and toilet bowl are not sharing the same wall.

1. How to remedy the north section of the house? Our son sleeps in that sector so we’re worried.

2. How to enhance the south sector? And the kitchen, is it dangerous if it is in the south sector?

3. We live in an apartment in Hong Kong which was built in 2003 so is it considered period 8 or 7? We just moved in this year.

4. Our bedroom is in the NE sector so how to improve relationships if the star 3 flies into our bedroom next year.

I was born in 1969, my husband, 1971 and my son, 2001.


Dear Maria
Yes, next year the five yellow hits the North and brings a great deal of bad luck to anyone whose main door or main picture window faces North as you will be receiving the bad vibes of the five yellow each time you open the door or window. You will need to hang the cure that subdues the five yellow in the afflicted North sector.

Inside your son’s room, place the five-element pagoda and increase the presence of the metal element. Use white bed sheets for him next year.

As for the South sector you can place a crystal inside your toilet to exhaust the afflicted energy there. A kitchen here is not a problem. Your apartment is a period 7 building. Even if you just moved in this year it is still a period 7 apartment. As for your bedroom being afflicted by the quarrelsome star, it is easy, just place the cure there to subdue the number 3 star. Use RED fire energy.

There are many new cures for 2009 as this coming year is a good year but it will be followed by a challenging year so cures put into place in the coming year must ensure that protection continues through into 2010 as well.

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